PhD defences and dissertations

PhD defences and dissertations


Sandra Gijzen - Child Mortality. Preventing future child deaths and optimizing family support.  

Abdul Rahman - Tax Compliance in Indonesia. The role of public officials as taxpayers.


§Claudio Matera - The External Dimensions of the EU Area of Freedom, Security and Justice. A Constitutional Perspective

§Sedef Turper - Political Attitudes in a Rapidly Changing European Landscape: Methodological and Substantive Insights from the ESS-Netherlands Panel Component

Maaike Damen-Koedijk - EU Cohesion Policy & Accountability


§Wouter Jans - Policy Innovation in Dutch Municipalities

§Margarita Jeliazkova - Citizenship education: social science teachers' views in three European countries

§Aline Reichow - Effective regulation under conditions of scientific uncertainty

§Jan Lunsing - De Kloof: Effecten van transparant welstandstoezicht, buurtbudgetten en referenda op de door burgers waargenomen afstand tot het bestuur

§Evisa Kica - The Legitimacy of Transnational Private Governance Arrangements Related to Nanotechnologies


§Ann-Kristin Kölln (2014) - Party decline and response

§Mariecke van den Berg (2014) - Mantelzorg en Etniciteit

§Marcel Kiers - Er zijn meerdere wegen die naar Brussel leiden

§Rense Nieuwenhuis - Family Policy Outcomes


§Ignacio Gienfuegos - Developing a Risk Maturity Model

§Maurits Sanders - Publiek-Private Samenwerking in de Nederlandse energiesector

§Nupur Chowdhury - Pursuing legal certainty in multilevel regulation


§M.W. Holterman - The transaction costs of semi-publc insitutions: railway history as a challenge for coase

§J.A.M. de Kruijf - Autonomy and control of public bodies.

§C.B. Breuer - The regional conundrum. How regions and encompassed actors are involved in eu regional policy

§C.M.B. Liedenbaum - Politiewerk: Tussen taak en uitvoering. Een vergelijkend onderzoek naar de basispolitiezorg in Nederland en Noordrijn-Westfalen


§G.C. Geerdink - Regional Economic development. Games of Competition and Cooperation

§Bengü Hosch-Dayican - Political Involvement and Democracy

§A. Dassen - Networks: structure and action. Steering in and steering by policy networks