D. (Daniëlle) Overdijk

photo of Daniëlle Overdijk

External PhD University of Twente / Policy advisor municipality of Almere

Telephone: +31 (0)6 13 51 14 91
E-mail: Daniëlle Overdijk

GENERAL information 

Daniëlle Overdijk studied business administration and sociology (Bachelor 2012, Master 2014) at the University of Applied Science in Amsterdam and the University of Utrecht. She previously worked in consultancy (2015-2020) as a policy advisor and researcher for municipalities. Her specialty lies in the social domain. Daniëlle currently works as a policy advisor for the municipality of Almere. 

Daniëlle started to work as a PhD Candidate at the section of Public Administration in January 2019. Her project is titled: ‘Street-level bureaucrats; working towards self-reliance’. Her PhD project is based on a completed research cooperation between BMC and the University of Twente. It is Daniëlle her ambition to connect policy and science more closely.