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CV Ariana Need (ENG)

Curriculum Vitae October 6, 2014


Name: A. Need

First name Ariana

Nationaliy: Dutch

Sex: Female

Work address: University of Twente

Faculty of Behavioural, Management, and Social Sciences

Public Administration

P.O. Box 271

7500 AE Enschede




Doctor in de Sociale Wetenschappen, Katholieke Universiteit Nijmegen, 30 oktober 1997.

Title dissertation: The Kindred Vote: Individual and family effects of social class and religion on electoral change in the Netherlands, 1956-1997. Promoter: Prof. dr. W.C. Ultee; Co-promoter Dr. N.D. de Graaf.

Inaugural lecture

Professor of Sociology of Public Governance, Social Risk & Safety Studies, University of Twente, May 20 2010.

Title Inaugural lecture: Kiezen in context. Fertiliteitsbeslissingen in West-Europa vanaf 1960.

International publications

Nieuwenhuis, R., van der Kolk, H., & Need, A. (2017). Women’s earnings and household inequality in OECD countries, 1973–2013. Acta Sociologica, 60(1), 3–20.

Wouter Jans, Bas Denters, Ariana Need & Minna Van Gerven (2016). Lifting the ban on Dutch brothels: Do local social needs and local political demands matter for municipal prostitution policies? Policy & Politics, forthcoming.:

Jans, Wouter, Bas Denters, Minna van Gerven & Ariana Need (2016). Mandatory innovation in a decentralised system: The adoption of an e-government innovation in Dutch municipalities. Acta Politica, 51, 36–60. doi:10.1057/ap.2014.36.

Konijnendijk, Annemieke A.J. and Boere-Boonekamp, Magda M. and Fleuren, Margot A.H. and Haasnoot, Maria E. and Need, Ariana (2015) What factors increase Dutch child health care professionals’ adherence to a national guideline on preventing child abuse and neglect? Child abuse & neglect . ISSN 0145-2134

M Levels, R Sluiter, A Need (2014). A review of abortion laws in Western-European countries. A cross-national comparison of legal developments between 1960 and 2010. Health Policy, forthcoming DOI: 10.1016/j.healthpol.2014.06.008

Annemieke A. J. Konijnendijk, Magda M. Boere-Boonekamp, Riet, M. E. Haasnoot-Smallegange, Ariana Need (2014). A qualitative exploration of factors that facilitate and impede adherence to child abuse prevention guidelines in Dutch preventive child healthcare. Journal of Evaluation in Clinical Practice 20(4):417-24. doi: 10.1111/jep.12155.

Sandra Gijzen, Magda M Boere-Boonekamp, Monique P L'hoir, Ariana Need (2014). Child mortality in the Netherlands in the past decades: An overview of external causes and the role of public health policy. Journal of Public Health Policy Vol. 35, 1, 43–59.

R. Eisinga, A. Need, M. Coenders, N.D. de Graaf, M. Lubbers, P. Scheepers with assistance of M. Levels en P. Thijs. (2012). Religion in Dutch Society 2005.  Documentation of a national survey on religious and secular attitudes and behaviour in 2005. DANS Data Guide 10. Data Archiving and Networked Services, Pallas Publications, Amsterdam University Press, 2014. ISBN 978 90 8555 079 2.

Jansen, Giedo, Nan Dirk de Graaf & Ariana Need (2012). The breakdown of the religion-vote relationship: a ‘bottom-up’ and ‘top-down’ interpretation for the Netherlands 1971-2006. West European Politics, 35, (4): 756-783.

Nieuwenhuis, Rense, Ariana Need & Henk van der Kolk (2012). Institutional and Demographic Explanations of Women’s Employment in 18 OECD Countries, 1975-1999. Journal of Marriage and Family, 74(3): 614-630.

Levels, Mark, Ariana Need, Rense Nieuwenhuis, Roderick Sluiter & Wout Ultee (2012). “Unintended Pregnancy and Induced Abortion in the Netherlands 1954-2002”. European Sociological Review, 28(3): 301-318.

Jansen, Giedo, Nan Dirk de Graaf & Ariana Need (2011). Class voting, social changes and political changes in the Netherlands 1971-2006, Electoral Studies, 30: 510-524.

Olav Aarts, Ariana Need, Manfred Te Grotenhuis & Nan Dirk de Graaf (2010). Does Duration of Deregulated Religious Markets Affect Church Attendance?: Evidence from Twenty-six Religious Markets in Europe and North America between 1981 and 2006, Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion, 49(4): 657-672.

Janssens, Angélique, Messelink, Maaike & Ariana Need (2010). Faulty genes or faulty parents? Gender, family and survival in early and late childhood in the Netherlands, 1860–1900. The History of the Family, 15, 91-108.

Coffé, Hilde & Ariana Need (2010). Similarity in Husbands and Wives Party Family Preference in The Netherlands. Electoral Studies, 29(2): 259-268.

Tolsma, Jochem, Need, Ariana & Uulkje De Jong (2010). Explaining Participation Differentials in Dutch Higher Education: The Impact of Subjective Success Probabilities on Level Choice and Field Choice. European Sociological Review. 26(2): 235-252.

Meijs, Lieke & Ariana Need (2009). Sociology, at last a basis for civil sciences as a secondary school subject. Journal of Social Science Education, 8(4), 20-28.

Moor, Nienke, Wout Ultee & Ariana Need (2009). Analogical Reasoning and the Content of Creation Stories. Quantitative Comparisons of Preindustrial Societies. Cross-Cultural Research, 43: 91-122.

Aarts Olav, Ariana Need, Manfred Te Grotenhuis & Nan Dirk De Graaf (2008). Does Believing accompany belonging? Correlations and trends in Western Europe and North America between 1981 and 2000. Review of Religious Research 50(1): 16-34.

Need Ariana & Uulkje De Jong (2008). Personality Traits and Gender-specific Income Expectations in Dutch Higher Education. Social Indicators Research 86 (1): 113-128.

Moor Nienke, Wout Ultee & Ariana Need (2007). Analogien, Subsistenztechnologien und (nicht)-moralische allmächtige Schöpfergötter. Kölner Zeitschrift für Soziologie und Sozialpsychologe, 59(3): 383-409.

Güveli, Ayse, Ariana Need & Nand Dirk De Graaf (2007a). The Rise of ‘New’ Social Classes within the Service Class in the Netherlands. Political Orientation of Social and Cultural Specialists and Technocrats between 1970 and 2003. Acta Sociologica 50:129-146

Güveli, Ayse, Ariana Need & Nan Dirk De Graaf (2007b). Socio-Political, Cultural and Economic Preferences and Behaviour of the Social and Cultural Specialists versus the Technocrats. Social Class or Education? Social Indicators Research 81:597-631

Steijn, Bram, Ariana Need & Maurice Gesthuizen (2006). Long-term effect of labor market entry in the Netherlands, 1950-2000. Work Employment and Society 20(3):453-472.

Moerbeek, Hester H.S. & Ariana Need (2003). Enemies at work: can they hinder your career? Social Networks 25: 67-82.

Evans, Geoffrey & Ariana Need (2002). Explaining Ethnic Polarization in Eastern Europe. Social Science Research 31: 653-680.

Need, Ariana & Uulkje De Jong (2001). Do local study environments matter? A multilevel analysis of the educational careers of first-year college students. Higher Education in Europe 26: 263-278.

Need, Ariana & Geoffrey Evans (2001). Analysing patterns of religious participation in post-communist Eastern Europe. British Journal of Sociology 52:229-248.

Need, Ariana & Uulkje De Jong (2001). Educational differentials in the Netherlands: testing rational action theory. Rationality & Society 13:71-98.

De Graaf, Nan Dirk, Anthony Heath & Ariana Need (2001). Declining cleavages and political choices: the interplay of social and political factors in the Netherlands. Electoral Studies 20:1-15.

Janssen, Jacques P.G., Ariana Need & Nan Dirk De Graaf (1998). Does intergenerational class and religious mobility affect class-based and religion-based voting? Acta Politica 33:56-76.

Need, Ariana & Nan Dirk De Graaf (1996). The changing electorate of confessional parties: effects of socialization and intragenerational religious mobility in the 1956-1994 elections. Netherlands’ Journal of Social Sciences 32:51-70.

Need, Ariana & Nan Dirk De Graaf (1996). Losing my religion: a dynamic analysis of leaving the church in the Netherlands. European Sociological Review 12:87-99.

Publications in Dutch

Konijnendijk, A.A.J., M.M. Boere-Boonekamp, M.E. Haasnoot & A. Need (2013). Belemmerende en bevorderende factoren bij het gebruik van de JGZ-richtlijn Secundaire Preventie Kindermishandeling. JGZ. Tijdschrift voor Jeugdgezondheidszorg. 45(4): 105-106.

Jans, W., S.A.H. Denters, M.M. Van Gerven-Haanpää & A. Need (2013). Innovatiekracht in Nederlandse gemeenten: naar een bestuurskundige onderzoeksagenda. Bestuurswetenschappen 67(3): 21-44.

Need, A., W. Ultee, M. Levels & M. Van Tienen (2008). Mening over abortus in 14 Europese landen. Mens en Maatschappij 83(1): 5-22.

Geersing, M. & A. Need (2007). Over alternatieve zingeving, recreatie en het ervaren van een scheiding. Religie & Samenleving 2(3):163-182.

Moor N., W. Ultee & A. Need (2007). Analogieën, bestaanstechnologieën en oppermachtige goden in voorindustriële samenlevingen. Sociologie 3:225-253

Güveli, A., A. Need, and N.D. De Graaf (2005). De opkomst van de 'nieuwe' sociale klassen binnen de dienstenklasse in Nederland: Politieke oriëntatie van de 'nieuwe' sociale klassen tussen 1970 en 2000. Mens en Maatschappij 80(4):257-279.

Need, A.and N.D. De Graaf (2005). Zich bekeren en wisselen van kerkgenootschap in Nederland. Mens en Maatschappij 80(4):288-304.

Van de Rakt, M., F. Weerman, and A. Need (2005). Delinquent gedrag van jongens en meisjes: Het (anti)sociale kapitaal van vriendschapsrelaties. Mens en Maatschappij 80(4):328-352.

Steijn, Bram & Ariana Need. (2003). Loopbaaneffecten van flexibele arbeid. Tijdschrift voor Arbeidsvraagstukken 19(2):110-121.

Need, Ariana (2002). Ongelijke kansen, ongelijke uitkomsten: over de invloed van ouderlijk milieu, sekse en etnische herkomst op onderwijsprestaties en arbeidsmarktsucces. Sociale Wetenschappen 45(3): 1-4.

Need, Ariana & Uulkje de Jong (2002). Persoonlijkheidskenmerken en seksespecifieke inkomensverwachtingen in het hoger onderwijs. Sociale Wetenschappen 45(3): 53-69.

Need, Ariana, Jelle Visser en Agneta Fischer (2001). Kansloze ambities? Sekseverschillen in ambities, verwachtingen en inspanningen van promovendi aan de Universiteit van Amsterdam. Tijdschrift voor ArbeidsVraagstukken 17:350-364.

De Graaf, Nan Dirk, Ariana Need & Wout C. Ultee (2000). Levensloop en kerkverlating. Een nieuwe en overkoepelende verklaring voor enkele empirische regelmatigheden. Mens en Maatschappij 75:229-257.

Evans, Geoffrey & Ariana Need (1999). Etnische polarisatie in de steun voor minderheidsrechten in Oost-Europa. Mens en Maatschappij 74:309-332.

Need, Ariana & Uulkje De Jong (1999). Is het voor studiesucces belangrijk om uit te kijken naar een goede opleidingsplaats? Een multi-niveau analyse van de studieloopbaan van eerstejaarsstudenten van cohort 1995/96. Tijdschrift voor Onderwijsresearch 24:37-55.

Need, Ariana (1998). Moet het CDA verder als niet-christelijke partij? Christen Democratische Verkenningen 263-269.

Need, Ariana (1995). De overeenkomst in politieke voorkeuren van siblings: de invloed van individuele en familiekenmerken op de politieke-partijvoorkeur. Mens en Maatschappij 70:304-320.

Need, Ariana & Nan Dirk De Graaf (1994). ‘Losing my religion’: een dynamische benadering. Mens en Maatschappij 69:242-263.

Van Puijenbroek, Rob A.G., Frank P. Van Tulder & Ariana Need (1993). Eigen risico’s in de zorg: een economische benadering. De nieuwe basis 3:7-11.

Need, Ariana, Rob A.G. Van Puijenbroek & Frank P. Van Tulder (1992). Het plan-Simons en het eigen risico. Economisch Statistische Berichten 77:968-972.

Data documentation

Eisinga, R., A. Need, M. Coenders, N.D. de Graaf, M. Lubbers, P. Scheepers, M. Levels, P. Thijs (2012). Religion in Dutch society 2005. Documentation of a national survey on religious and secular attitudes and behaviour in 2005, DANS Data Guide 11. The Hague: DANS/Pallas Publications – Amsterdam University Press, 241p.

Edited volumes

Kraaykamp, Gerbert, Mark Levels & Ariana Need (ed) (2011). Problemen en Theorieën in Onderzoek. Een staalkaart van de hedendaagse Nederlandse empirisch-theoretische sociologie. Assen: Van Gorcum.

Book chapters

De Graaf, Nan Dirk., Giedo Jansen & Ariana Need (2013). The Political Evolution of Class and Religion: An interpretation for The Netherlands, 1971-2006. In Geoffrey Evans & Nan Dirk de Graaf. Political Choice Matters: Examining The Strength of Class and Religious Cleavages in Cross-National Perspective. Oxford: Oxford University Press. Pp. 205-242.

Moor, Nienke & Ariana Need (2011). Pensionering en het geloof in hemel en hel: Een onderzoek naar de gevolgen van persoonlijke en maatschappelijke risico’s in 30 Europese landen in 2008. PP. 363-374 in Problemen en Theorieën in Onderzoek. Een staalkaart van de hedendaagse Nederlandse empirisch-theoretische sociologie. Edited by Gerbert Kraaykamp, Mark Levels & Ariana Need. Assen: Van Gorcum.

Janssens, Angélique, Maaike Messelink & Ariana Need (2010). Foute genen of foute ouders? De invloed van gezin en sekse op de overlevingskansen van kinderen in Nederland, 1860 – 1900. Pp. 23-52 in Leven in de lage landen. Historisch-demografisch onderzoek in Vlaanderen en Nederland, jaarboek, edited by Koen Matthijs, Vart van de Putte, Jan Kok & Hilde Bras (red.). Leuven: Acco.

Dronkers, Jaap & Ariana Need (2008). Het voortbestaan van religieuze scholen. Pp. 380-387 in Handboek Religie in Nederland, edited by Meerten Ter Borg, Erik Borgman, Marjo Buitelaar, Yme Kuiper, and Rob Plum. Zoetermeer: Meinema.

Need, Ariana (2008). “Tutorials as Integration into a Study Environment”. Pp. 91-96 in Cultural Styles of Knowledge Transmission: Essays in Honour of Ad Borsboom, edited by Jean Kommers and Eric Venbrux. Amsterdam: Aksant.

Need, Ariana, Bram Steijn & Maurice Gesthuizen (2005). Long-term effects of flexible work. Pp. 164-179 in Flexible working and the integration of work and personal life in a context of organizational change, edited by Bram Peper, Laura Den Dulk & Anneke. Van Doorne-Huiskes. Cheltenham,UK: Edward Elgar.

De Graaf, Nan Dirk, Ariana Need & Wout Ultee (2004). Leaving the Church in the Netherlands: A Comprehensive Explanation of Three Empirical Regularities. Pp. 81-116 in Patterns and Processes of Religious Change in Modern Industrial Societies, edited by Alasdair Crocket & Richard O'Leary. Lewiston: The Edwin Mellen Press.

Need, Ariana & Geoffrey Evans (2004). Religious Mobility in Post-Communist Eastern Europe. Pp. 191-206 in Patterns and Processes of Religious Change in Modern Industrial Societies, edited by Alasdair Crocket & Richard O'Leary. Lewiston: The Edwin Mellen Press.

De Graaf, Nan Dirk & Ariana Need (2000). Losing Faith: Is Britain alone? Pp. 119-136 in British Social Attitudes: the 17th report: Focussing on diversity, edited by R. Jowell, J. Curtice, A. Park, K. Thomson, L. Jarvis, C. Bromley & N. Stratford. London: Sage.

Other publications

Need, Ariana i.s.m. auditcommissie Siriusprogramma (2013). Analyse behaalde resultaten. In: Sirius Programma overall auditrapport 2102, Excellentie in hoger onderwijs: een cultuuromslag in gang gezet. Den Haag: Sirius Programma.

Junger, Marianne & Ariana Need (2010). Criminaliteitsbeleid: wat werkt? Nederlands Genootschap van Burgemeesters, januari 2010.

Need, Ariana (2007). Tevredenheidsonderzoek onder ouders van Kinderopvang Heyendael 2006. Nijmegen: Kinderopvang Heyendael

Need, Ariana & Olav Aarts (2006). Universiteit en levensbeschouwing. Een onderzoek onder studenten en medewerkers van de Radboud Universiteit Nijmegen en externe belangstellenden van het Soeterbeeck Programma. Nijmegen: Soeterbeeck Programma

Van Tienen, Marike & Ariana Need (2005). Tevredenheidsonderzoek onder medewerkers van Kinderopvang Heyendael 2004. Nijmegen: Kinderopvang Heyendael.

Need, Ariana & Marike van Tienen (2004). Tevredenheidsonderzoek onder ouders van Kinderopvang Heyendael 2004. Nijmegen: Kinderopvang Heyendael.

Book reviews

Need, Ariana (2003). [Book review] Sengers, E. (2003) “Al zijn wij katholiek, wij zijn Nederlanders”. Opkomst en verval van de katholieke kerk in Nederland sinds 1795 vanuit rational-choice perspectief. Delft: Eburon. Mens en Maatschappij 78(4) pp. 418-420.

Need, Ariana (2002). [Book review] Dekker, P. (red). (2002). Niet-stemmers : een onderzoek naar achtergronden en motieven in enquêtes, interviews en focusgroepen. Den Haag: Sociaal en Cultureel Planbureau. Mens en Maatschappij 77(4): 381-384.

Need, Ariana (2001). [Book review] Evans, G. & P. Norris (eds.) (1999). Critical Elections. British Parties and Voters in Long-Term Perspective. European Sociological Review 17:205-207.

Need, Ariana (2001). [Book review] Becker, J.W. & J.S.J de Wit (2000). Secularisatie in de jaren negentig: kerklidmaatschap, veranderingen in opvattingen en prognose; en: Centraal Bureau voor de Statistiek (2000). Kerkelijke gezindte en kerkbezoek aan het einde van de twintigste eeuw: opvattingen en activiteiten. Mens en Maatschappij 76:258-261.

Need, Ariana (1998). [Book review] Becker, J.W., J. de Hart & J. Mens (1997) Secularisatie en alternatieve zingeving in Nederland. Mens en Maatschappij 73:202-204.

Scholarships and prizes

2014 Twitter #Data Grant: #Mamming: The Diffusion And Effectiveness of Cancer Early Detection Campaigns on Twitter (no funding but 1 TB of Data; together with Tijs van den Broek, Michel Ehrenhard en Djoerd Hiemastra).

2012 Research project funded by ZonMw Research Program ‘Zwangerschap en geboorte Subsidieronde: Regionaal consortium met inhoudelijk project 1B’ (‘Analysis of the coordination of care during pregnancy and perinatal period’, main applicant M. Cerneus GGD Twente). Budget k€ 233.

2011 Increasing the social strength of cities through neighbourhood coaching and other integrated forms of frontline management (NICIS: Knowledge for Strong Cities, Kennis voor Krachtige Steden, with H. van der Kolk). Budget k€174.

2010 Research project funded by ZonMw Research Program ‘Academische Werkplaats Jeugd’ (‘strengthening of care for vulnerable children’, main applicant M. Cerneus GGD Twente). Budget k€720.

2010 Research project funded by Stichting Leerplan Ontwikkeling (SLO). ‘Evaluation pilot social sciences in secondary education’. Budget: k€60.

2007 Subsidy from university board, Radboud University Nijmegen for membership of the Young Dutch Academy (DJA), Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences. Budget: k€7,5 annually

2007 Travel subsidy of the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences, due to membership of the Young Academy, KNAW. Budget: k€2 annually

2006 Research project funded by NORFACE Research Programme ‘Re-Emergence of Religion as a Social Force in Europe?’: ‘Extending and enhancing the ISSP 2008 module on religion’ (main applicant prof. D. Voas). Budget: k€500

2005 ASPASIA-subsidy ‘Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research’ (NWO). (Dossiernumber 015-002-004). Budget: k€100

2005 Research project funded by the ‘Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research’ (NWO) (k€ 600) ‘Abortion, contraception and assisted reproduction: technological innovations and the role of religion and education’.

2004 € 6500 euro from university board Radboud University for developing teaching material for high-school teachers leraren

2003 Ultee, W.C., Need, A. & Borsboom, A. (2003). ‘The evolution of activist images of god(s) and communality of rites’. Research project funded by the ‘Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research’(nwo) (Dossier number 051-12-018). Budget: k€ 177.

1999 Subsidy of € 5000 for the project ‘Gender differences in the careers of PhD-students of the UvA’, from the Emancipation committee of the University of Amsterdam

1997Postdoc-project (200000 gulden) funded by the ‘Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research’(NWO) ‘Religion, class and voting in contemporary industrialized countries’

1993 Funding Ph-D funded by the ‘Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research’(NWO) ‘Religious and social mobility, but no political mobility in the Netherlands?’

Data collection

2008 Panel survey of Social Dynamics in the Netherlands 2008-2014 (5.000 respondents)

2007 ISSP religion module, 26 questions on religion

2006 Soeterbeeck Programma (evaluation research, 1000 respondents)

2005 Organization data collection Religion in Dutch Society (SOCON2005) survey (1000 respondents)

2004 Contentment of parents of childcare Heyendael 2004 (171 respondents)

2000 Gender differences in the careers of (former) UVA Ph-D candidates (252 respondents interviewed for a second time, 250 respondents for the first time)

1999 Gender differences in the careers of (former) UVA Ph-D candidates (252 respondents)

1994 Retrospective questions about voting behaviour in the Telepanel-survey (2400 respondents)



2010 - Bachelor Thesis Preparation course

Social Problems

Management and Organisation of Professional Organisations

2009 - 2010 University of Twente

Sociology of Dutch Society: A research paper

Sociology of Dutch Society: Ethical Issues in Dutch Society

2001 - 2009 Radboud University Nijmegen

Contemporary Sociological Theories

Antropologists and sociologists on religion

Introduction to the sociology of religion for students of theology

The comparative study of religion

Doing research 1 (leerproject)

1999 - 2001 University of Amsterdam

Sociological Theory 2 (modern theories)

Sociological Theory 3 (rational choice theory)

Making surveys

Labor market sociology

1993 - 1997 Catholic University Nijmegen

Introduction to Sociology

Academic teaching in other institutes

1996 – 1997 Emerson College European Center in Well, Limburg

Introduction to Sociology (in English)

1999 – 2009 Amsterdams Instituut voor Arbeidsstudies (AIAS)

Research methods (in Dutch)

2004 – 2007 European Institute, Florence

Event History Analysis (In English)

Deze cursus heb ik twee maal gegeven voor promovendi van het European Instituut. Ik leerde ze in een workshop van een week hoe een gebeurtenissenanalyse uit te voeren.

Supervision of Phd-Students

Supervision of Phd-Students

Msc. Ben Boksebeld (UT)

Project: Aanpakken in schuldhulverlening. Saxion-financed.

Start: April 2013. End: April 2016.

Msc. Cherelle van Stenus (UT)

Project: De organisatie van Zangerschap en Geboorte. ZonMw financed: Zwangerschap en geboorte.

Start: March 2013. End: March 2017.

Msc. Annemieke Konijnendijk (UT)

Project: Chain approach to child maltreatment. ZonMw financed: Academische werkplaats Jeugd.

Start: April 2011. End: April 2015.

Drs. Sandra Knoeff-Gijzen (UT)

Project: Prevention of infant mortality: Child Death Reviews in the Eastern part of the Netherlands (financed by INTERREG).

Start: January 2011. End January 2015.

Msc. Wouter Jans (UT)

Project: Diffusion of innovations of e-governance in Dutch local government.

'Policy Innovation in Dutch munipalities'. Defenc:e December 10, 2015.


Dr. Rense Nieuwenhuis (UT)

Project: Governing fertility related life-course transitions of women in Europe and the United States. Defence: January 10, 2014 (Cum Laude)

Dr. Roderick Sluiter (RU)

Project: Abortion, Contraception and Assisted Reproduction: Technological

Innovations and the Role of Religion and Education, NWO-financed,

project number 452-05-305. Title of dissertation: The diffusion of Morality Policies across Western European Countries between 1960 and 2010. Defence: October 30, 2012.

Dr. Mark Levels (RU)

Project: Abortion, Contraception and Assisted Reproduction: Technological

Innovations and the Role of Religion and Education, NWO-financed, project number 452-05-305. Title of dissertation: Abortion laws in Europe between 1960 and 2010. Legislative developments and their consequences for women's reproductive decision-making. Defended: December 7, 2011.

Dr. Giedo Jansen (RU)

Project: Social Cleavages and Voting in Post-Industrial Countries. Title of dissertation: Social Cleavages and Political Choices. Large-scale Comparisons of Social Class, Religion and Voting Behavior in Western Democracies. Defended: September 28, 2011.

Dr. Olav Aarts (RU)

Project: Economy or Canopy? The Influence of Religious Pluralism on

Religious Involvement. Title of dissertation: Religious Diversity and Religious Involvement. A Study of Religious Markets in Western Societies at the End of the Twentieth Century. Defended: July 1, 2010.

Dr. Nienke Moor (RU)

Project: The Evolution of Activist Images of God(s) and Communality of

Rites, NWO-financed, project number 051-12-018. Title of dissertation: Explaining Worldwide Religious Diversity. The Relationship between Subsistence Technologies and Ideas about the Unknown in Pre-industrial and (Post-)industrial Societies. Defended: 2 December 2009. This PhD-thesis is awarded with the Ruigrok Prijs (€ 12,000).

Dr. Ayse Güveli (RU)

Project: Changing Class Structure in Post-Industrial Society: A New Cleavage

or Just Educational Differences? Title of dissertation: New Social Classes within the Service Class in the Netherlands and Britain. Adjusting the EGP Class Schema for the Technocrats and the Social and Cultural Specialists. Defended: 17 January 2007 (as co-promotor).

Didactical websites

2007- 2008 Board KNAW-website The Youngest Academy (for pupils aged 10 to 12)

2001- 2009 Coordinator (for pupils at the end of secondary education)

Other academic activities

Board of Sociological Associations

2002 - 2008 Board NSV (Dutch Sociological Association)

2004 - Board James Coleman Association


2013 Chair Committee of Expertise Board of Examinations for the subject social sciences (‘Voorzitter van de vaststellingscommissie van het vak maatschappijwetenschappen’voor het college van examens). This is confidential information.

2012 - Member committee Excellence@UT, designing a plan for excellence in education.

2012 - 2013 Member NWO VIDI committee

2012 Member NWO Committee MeerWaardePlus

2011 - Member Programme Council University College (Twente)

2011 - Member Sociaal Wetenschappelijke Raad, KNAW.

2011 - Member auditcommissie Sirius Programma, platform bètatechniek

2010 – 2011 Programme Committee Leiderschapsontwikkelingstraject (UT-breed)

2010 - Chair Program Committee Bestuurskunde

2009 – 2010 DJA KNAW Selection Committee for new members of DJA

2007 - 2010 Chair Program Committee Department of Sociology

2007 - 2010 Member Program Committee Research Master Social Cultural Sciences

2007 - 2010 Member Advisory Board Educational Institute Social Sciences, Radboud University

2008, 2009, Member NWO VENI committee

2011 - 2013

2008-2009 Member of the Committee Schnabel, responsible for making the exam program ‘maatschappijwetenschappen’ for VWO and HAVO


2014 Assistant Dean Faculty of Behavioral, Management and Social Sciences, Twente University.

2010 – 2012 Chair Social Risk & Safety Studies Twente University.

2007 - 2012 Member DJA (The Young Academy) KNAW

2008 - 2013 Associate Member Nuffield College, Oxford

Academic career

2009 - Full Professor, University of Twente Enschede

2008 - 2013 Associate Member Nuffield College, Oxford

2006 - 2009 Associate professor sociology Radboud University Nijmegen

2001 - 2005 Assistant professor sociology Radboud Universiteit Nijmegen

1999 - 2001 Assistant professor sociology University of Amsterdam (0.8 fte)

1999 - 2001 Assistant professor sociology Radboud Universiteit Nijmegen (0.2 fte)

1997 - 1999 Postdoc sociology Radboud University Nijmegen

1996 – 1997 Freelance teacher Emerson College European Center, Well (Limburg, The Netherlands)

1992 - 1997 Ph-D sociology Radboud Universiteit Nijmegen (formerly Catholic University) (date of promotion: October 30, 1997)


University/College of Higher Education: Catholic University Nijmegen

Date: August 1992

Main subject: Political Science


University/College of Higher Education: Catholic University Nijmegen

Date: October 30, 1997

Supervisor (‘Promotor’):Prof. Dr. W.C. Ultee (co-promotor Prof. Dr. N.D. de Graaf)

Title of thesis: The Kindred Vote. Individual and Family Effects of Social Class and Religion on Electoral Change in the Netherlands, 1956-1994