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Assistant Professor of Sociology of Governance and Migration
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General information

Dr. Ann Morissens is Assistant Professor of Sociology of Governance and Migration at the Faculty of Behavioural, Management & Social Sciences, University of Twente, The Netherlands. Her research activities are situated at the department of Public Administration. She studied Political Sciences (MA) at the KU Leuven (Belgium). She complemented these studies with an MA in Swedish Social Studies from the University of Stockholm (Sweden).

She holds a PhD in Social Sciences from the University of Roskilde (Denmark). In her dissertation she examined labour market and financial outcomes for migrants in Denmark, Germany and the United Kingdom: Immigrants’ Socio-Economic Outcomes in Different Welfare States, How do they fare? A Comparative Study of Denmark, Germany and the United Kingdom.

Before joining the University of Twente, she was senior research associate at the Higher Institute for Labour Studies at the KU Leuven. She has also worked as research associate and user-support coordinator at the Luxembourg Income Study (LIS). She also acted as an external consultant for UNRISD.

Research interests and expertise

Ann Morissens is interested in research dealing with migration and its policies and outcomes using a comparative approach. In the future she wants to focus on outcomes for migrants, and in particular migrant women, from a life course point of view. Besides her interest in migration research, Ann Morissens is also interested in research themes related to poverty and inequality and outcomes for groups at risk (the unemployed, migrants, solo mothers) in different welfare regimes and the role of policies, especially family policies.

Ann Morissens has also been an invited external referee for the following journals:
Social Service Review, Social Science Research, Sociology Compass, Journal of Social Policy, Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies and International Political Science Review, Migration Studies, Comparative Political Studies, Comparative Migration Studies


  • Work and Family research network (WFRN)
  • Council for European Studies (CES) and chaired a session on migrants’ socio-economic outcomes at the Conference of Europeanists in 2014 (see also conferences)
  • European social policy network ESPAnet and chaired a session on migration and social policy at the annual conference in 2013 and has presented at several annual conferences(see also conferences).
  • Netherlands Institute of Government (NIG)



Holds the University Teaching Qualification (UTQ)
Has been teaching several courses:

  • Maatschappelijke Organisatie
  • Introduction to Sociology
  • Analyse van Sociale Problemen
  • Management en Organisatie van Professionele Organisaties
  • Organisatie-en omgevingsanalyse
  • Thesis supervision of bachelor and master students

TOM education
2013 Project coordinator of the migration in Europe project
2014 Tutorials sociology and economics


My main research interests are broadly speaking: migration, welfare states and social exclusion in a comparative perspective. Therefore, students who are interested in exploring one of these topics in more depth for their BA or MA thesis are welcome to contact me with the idea they have. For those not having an idea yet, you can have a look at the keywords below to become inspired. If your topic is not in the list but if you feel it comes close, you can of course contact me.

  • Poverty /social exclusion among migrants or in general
  • Labour market participation among migrant women and policy challenges related to this and (child) care preferences among migrant women
  • Educational attainment of migrant children
  • Immigration and integration policies (and possible consequences)
  • Attitudes toward the welfare state (also from a migrants’ perspective)
  • Family policies (e.g. parental leave) and work-life balance
  • Groups at risk (solo mothers, workless households, etc.)