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23-24 November 2017, European University Institute, Florence. Conference: “From Justice and Home Affairs to Security Union – Europe’s Silver Jubilee”. Programme.

29 September 2017, Bocconi University, seminar “La Carta dei diritti fondamentali dell’Unione Europea tra dottrina e giurisprudenza” presentation: L. Marin: “Diritti fondamentali e fiducia reciproca nello Spazio di Liberta’, Sicurezza e Giustizia”. Programme.

21-22 September 2017: University La Sapienza, Rome. Conference ‘Fundamental Guarantees in European Judicial Proceedings: Coexistence, Coexistence, Comparison and Conflicts Among Legal Systems’. Presentation: L. Marin: “Access to Justice and the Extraterritorial Reach of the EU Charter of Fundamental Right: a coherent picture?”. Programme.

25 May 2017, University of Insubria (Varese), Jean Monnet Module: “Personal Data Protection as a Fundamental Right in the EU in the Digital Age”, conference: “Il diritto fondamentale alla protezione dei dati personali tra tutela costituzionale e tutela sovranazionale”, presentation: “La dimensione extraterritoriale della normativa europea sui dati personali”  


13 October 2016, University of Lausanne, Lecture organized by the STS-CH: “Frontex, scientific research and military research in migration management”

14-15 July 2016: Lecture “The EU’s approach to the current refugee crisis” at the Summer School on “La crisis de las personas refugiadas y su impacto sobre la UE”, organized by EUROBASK (University of Basque Country), director: Prof. Joxerramon Bengoetxea Caballero

6- 8 July 2016, Standing Group on Regulatory Governance REGGOV Conference 2016, University of Tilburg, paper: “Mutual trust in EU criminal law: dream or reality?”, co-authored with dr. T. Marguery


9.6.2015 (and 28.6.2015), ARTE.TV, "Les Nouvelles Migrations": interview on the deployment of drones in border surveillance operations on the Mediterranean.

6 May 2015, University of Utrecht, conference on data protection. 

9-10.4.2015, Utrecht University, UCall conference on risk regulation. Convenor of the panel "Risk regulation and emerging technologies", together with Dr. E. Kica-Ibraimi. 

5-7.3.2015, Boston (US), EUSA Fourteenth Biennial Conference. Paper: L. Marin: “A glimpse on border surveillance practices across the Atlantic, between law enforcement and proactive prevention of migration”. 

9.2.2015: Experts meeting for the project MAPPING (Managing Alternatives for Privacy, Property and Internet Governance), led by the University of Groningen

30.1.2015: discussant of: "Active guidance of (procedural) fundamental rights protection by the ECJ: exploring the potential and the limits of a development of positive obligations" at the 3rd REALaw Research Forum, School of Law, Economics and Governance, Utrecht University


Joint Conference of the PACT, PRISMS and SurPRISE projects on "Citizens’ Perspectives on Surveillance, Security and Privacy: Controversies, Alternatives and Solutions". Paper presentation: L. Marin, “The deployment of drone technology in border surveillance and the challenges to data protection”, Vienna, 14 November 2014

Conference “Which Policies for Security?”, University of Perugia, 14-15 November 2014, paper proposal: L. Marin, “The deployment of drones in border surveillance: which security for boat migrants?”, accepted

Luisa Marin, presentation: ”A glimpse on the “good drone”: drones deployment in border surveillance ”, symposium organized by Kennispark Twente on “De twee gezichten van drones”, Enschede, 24.9.2014

Commissie Meijers, Heidag, 20.6.2014, on “Crimmigration: exploring the relations between migration and criminal law enforcement”; organizer and discussant of Dr. Serge Slama on migrants’ detention. Programme.

Jean Monnet Conference on the European Union’s Area of Freedom, Security and Justice: Stockholm and Beyond, University of Dundee, 16 & 17 June 2014. Paper presentation: Dr. Luisa Marin, ‘High-tech Fortress Europe: Border Surveillance or Preempting Migration?’