Evisa Kica

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PhD Researcher


Evisa Kica was a PhD candidate at the Department of Public Administration (PA), Law and Regulation Group. The PhD project is part of the NanoNextNL program, and focuses on the role of transnational governance arrangements in the governance of nanotechnology. She held the degree of doctor at the University of Twente on January 23, 2015. Her dissertation is titled: the legitimacy of transnational private governance arrangements related to nanotecnologies: the case of international organization for standardization.

Her research interests relate with the emerging technologies (biotechnology and nanotechnology) and regulatory challenges; the dilemmas in intellectual property protection in Europe; regulation by means of standardisation; multi-level governance, compliance and legitimacy.

Evisa has also been involved in the project “Study on the quality of the patent system in Europe” commissioned to Poiltecnico di Torino, with the European Commission, DG MARKT as the ultimate funding authority. The aim of the project is to propose evidence-based policy recommendations for the optimal functioning of the future patent system in Europe, and to present the evidence, discussions and recommendations with respect to the quality of patents in Europe.

She holds an MA degree in Public Management from the Appalachian State University, North Carolina (USA) in 2008 . During her studies, she worked as a Graduate Research Assistant, acting as a project co-ordinator in various faculty projects and assisting senior research analysts with drafting and editing project reports and methodological reports, and analysing survey results data. Evisa has finished her bachelor studies in Public Administration, at the South East European University in Macedonia, in 2006.


  • EU Patent Policy
  • Biotechnology and Nanotechnology
  • Intellectual Property Protection in Europe
  • Regulation by means of Standardisation
  • Multi-level Governance and Legitimacy
  • Knowledge Transfer and Innovation


  • EU External Legal Relations (2014).
  • Current Affairs in Advanced Technology (2013).
  • European Institutions (2010).



  1. Member of the Netherlands Institute of Government (NIG).
  2. Member of the Nanotechnology Industries Association (NIA).
  3. Member of the Twente Graduate School (TGS).
  4. Delegate to the ISO/TC229 on Nanotechnology


  1. NIST & ANSI – Workshop on Increased use of Nanotechnology Standards (December, 2011), Washington, DC.
  2. ECPR Summer School: Methodologies of Case Study (August 2011) University of Ljubljana, Slovenia.
  3. University of Twente - Technical Writing and Editing Course (May-June 2010).
  4. WIPO- Distance Learning course: General Course on Intellectual Property DL-101 (June 2010).
  5. WIPO Summer School on Intellectual Property (July 2010) Geneva, Switzerland.


  1. NanoNext Doctoral Research Grant (2011-2015).
    NanoNextNL programme.
  2. NIG Travel Grant (2011).
    Netherlands Institute of Government.
  3. Global Supplementary Research Grant (2009-2010).
    The Open Society Foundation Institute.