Dr. Veronica Junjan

Assistant Professor, Public Management

Phone: +31 53 489 2616/ 3280 
Email: Veronica Junjan
Cubicus building; room C-324

General information

Veronica Junjan is assistant professor in Public Management with the Section of Public Administration, Faculty of Behaviour, Management and Social Sciences. Her research addresses generally administrative and governance reforms. Currently, her research interest  focuses on analysing the changes in tasks of government in light of new technological developments, with particular focus on administrative capacity building for resilience, at national as well as local level.

In addition to teaching and research at university level, she was involved in a wide range of consulting and research projects at national and international level in Eastern Europe.

Expertise and research interests

Professional membership

1. Network of Schools and Institutes in Public Administration in Central and Eastern Europe (NISPAcee)
Since 2009 co-chairing the Working Group IV on Public Administration Reform

2. Netherlands Institute of Government (NIG)
co-chairing the NIG research colloquium The Politics and Governance of Administrative Reform in Central and Eastern Europe

3. American Society for Public Administration:

4. International Research Society for Public Management

5. Association for Public Policy Analysis and Management

Teaching and supervision

Veronica Junjan contributes to the following courses:

  1. 202000507: Public Management (bachelor Management,Society and Technology, coordinator);
  2. 202000515-2A: Policy-making and planning (bachelor Management, Society and Technology, Module 2.3, co-teacher);
  3. 202100023: Circular Economy (Minor, co-teacher)
  4. 201700205: Institutionele Kaders: Ontwerpprincipes van lokaal en  regionaal bestuur (Master Public Administration, course coordinator);
  5. 201500145: Academic Research (Master Public Administration, Master European Studies, co-teacher);
  6. Strategie, Beleid en Politiek (Master Public Management, course coordinator)

In addition to teaching, she supervises bachelor and master thesis on the following topics: institutional reform in public administration, circulatory migration and social services (particularly health care), democratization and change in Central and Eastern Europe.

Publications and papers (selected)



Iwona Sobis, Veronica Junjan & Michiel S. de Vries (2015): Polish plumbers and Romanian strawberry pickers: how the populist framing of EU migration impacts national policies, Migration and Development, DOI: 10.1080/21632324.2015.1049021

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Books and book chapters

Junjan V., “Demography and Public Policy”, in Ilut P,. Nistor L,.Rotariu T., (eds.), Social Romania. The Road of Changes and European Integration (title in Romanian language: România Socială. Drumul Schimbării şi al Integrării Europene), Vol. I-III, Ed. Eikon 2005, Cluj-Napoca

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Junjan, V., Decision in Public Administration, Ed. Accent, Cluj Napoca, 2001


Veronica Junjan (2017): Theory and practice of public sector reform, International Review of Public Administration, DOI: 10.1080/12294659.2017.1307645

Conference Papers (recent)

Junjan Veronica, Ariana Need, Geoffrey Evans (2012), "What should the government really do? Attitudes and expectations towards public administration reform in Central and Eastern Europe", paper presented at the ASPA Annual Conference, Las Vegas, 2-6 March 2012