dr. G. (Giedo) Jansen

Assistant Professor

Cubicus building
Room: C-317
Phone: +31 53 489 3364 / 3280
Email: Giedo Jansen


Dr. Giedo Jansen (1984) is Assistant Professor at the Sectionof Public Administration. His research is multidisciplinary and spans various academic disciplines, including sociology, political science and labor relations.

In his current and previous academic positions, Giedo Jansen’s work often addresses the question how labour market inequalities translate to social, civic and political participation. He has published extensively on strikes and social dialogue, atypical employment relationships, precarious self-employment, union membership, and other forms of worker voice and interest representation. For his research on labor market flexibilization and self-employment, he was awarded a prestigious VENI grant from NWO (2014-2018). Currently, his research increasingly focuses on the ‘future of work’, and specifically studies how technological innovations (such as automation, digitalization, robotization) transform work structures and power relations.

Giedo Jansen’s current research projects include a study into the platform economy and digitally-mediated and/or algorithmically managed ‘gig’ work. Together with Jeroen Meijerink and Victoria Daskalova, he is the editor of the book Platform Economy Puzzles: Multidisciplinary Perspectives of Gig Work (forthcoming with Edward Elgar in 2021). Another current research line is Giedo’s work on workplace automation and reskilling and upskilling practices among workers. He is the principal investigator of two survey projects (ODISSEI LISS Data Grant and UK Innovation Panel Grant) on automation risks and skill development and lifelong learning. Giedo has also co-authored several articles on digital inequalities and (digital) skills.

Giedo Jansen’s work in political science has mainly been in electoral research. Giedo holds a PhD (2011) in Sociology from the Radboud University Nijmegen on a thesis about social cleavages and voting behavior in modern democracies, and has published extensively on cleavage voting. In recent years, he has focused increasingly on local governance and democracy. Giedo Jansen was the co-director of the Dutch Local Election Study 2018 (with Bas Denters), and is again the principal investigator of the Dutch Local Election Study 2022 (with Hans Vollaard). Finally, Giedo is also the research director of the Dutch Political Office-Holders Monitor, an integrated data-infrastructure surveying political representatives and executives in all 351 municipalities, 12 provinces and 25 waterboards).  

Lokaal kiezersonderzoek 2018

De tweede editie van het rapport Democratie dichterbij: Lokaal Kiezersonderzoek 2018 bevat de resultaten van het kiezersonderzoek rondom de gemeenteraadsverkiezingen van 21 maart 2018. Aan dit rapport, onder redactie van Giedo Jansen en Bas Denters, werkte bestuurskundigen, politicologen en sociologen mee van zeven Nederlandse universiteiten en het SCP. 


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