Kostas Gemenis

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Assistant Professor
Telephone: + 31 53 489 3256 / 3280
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Room: RA-4113

General information

Kostas Gemenis (1979) is assistant professor of research methods at the Department of Public Administration (formerly: Political Science and Research Methods). He joined the department in 2010 having previously taught in the UK. He studied political science at Leiden University and the University of Macedonia and obtained his PhD from Keele University with a thesis on 'The impact of the European Union on political parties’ environmental policy positions'. He has conducted research as a DAAD Fellow in Germany and he is a senior member of the Netherlands Institute of Government (NIG), founding member of the Greek Elections, Public Opinion, and Parties group, and is currently involved in PreferenceMatcher, a consortium involving researchers who collaborate in developing e-literacy tools designed to enhance voter education.

Publications (peer-reviewed journals)

  • Gemenis, K. and Nezi, R. (2015) Government-opposition dynamics during the economic crisis in Greece. Journal of Legislative Studies 21: 14-34.
    [Article] [Preprint]
  • Gemenis, K. (2014) An iterative expert survey approach for estimating parties’ policy positions. Quality & Quantity, doi: 10.1007/s11135-014-0109-5
    [Article] [Preprint] [Replication material TBA]
  • Gemenis, K. and Rosema, M. (2014) Voting Advice Applications and electoral turnout. Electoral Studies 36: 281-289.
    [Article] [Preprint] [Replication material TBA]
  • Gemenis, K. (2013) What to do (and not to do) with the Comparative Manifestos Project data. Political Studies 61(S1): 3-23.
    [Article (open access)] [Replication material]
  • Dinas, E. and Gemenis, K. (2013) Revisiting the role of process incentives as a determinant of university students' protest. European Political Science Review 5: 225-253.
    [Article] [Preprint] [Replication material TBA]
  • Gemenis, K. (2013) Estimating parties' policy positions through voting advice applications: some methodological considerations. Acta Politica 48: 268-295.
    [Article (open access)] [Supplementary and replication material TBA]
  • Gemenis, K. (2012) Proxy documents as a source of measurement error in the Comparative Manifestos Project. Electoral Studies 31: 594-604.
    [Article] [Preprint] [Replication material] [Codebook]
  • Gemenis, K. (2012) The 2010 regional elections in Greece: voting for regional governance or protesting the IMF? Regional and Federal Studies 22: 107-115. 
    [Article] [Preprint]
  • Gemenis, K. and Dinas, E. (2010) Confrontation still? Examining parties' policy positions in Greece. Comparative European Politics 8: 179-201. 
    [Article (open access)]
  • Gemenis, K. (2010) Winning votes and weathering storms: the 2009 European and parliamentary elections in Greece. Representation 46: 353-362. 
    [Article] [Working paper version]
  • Dinas, E. and Gemenis, K. (2010) Measuring parties' ideological positions with manifesto data: a critical evaluation of the competing methods. Party Politics 16: 427-450. 
    [Article] [Working paper version] [Supplementary material]
  • Gemenis, K. (2009) A green comeback in Greece? The Ecologist Greens in the 2007 parliamentary election. Environmental Politics 18: 128-134. 
    [Article] [Preprint]
  • Gemenis, K. (2008) The 2007 parliamentary election in Greece. Mediterranean Politics 13: 95-101. 

Publications (chapters in edited volumes and conference proceedings)

  • Mendez, F., Gemenis, K. and Djouvas, C. (2014) Methodological challenges in the analysis of Voting Advice Application generated data. In: 9th International Workshop on Semantic and Social Media Adaptation and Personalization (SMAP), pp. 142-148.
    [Link to chapter]
  • Gemenis, K. and Van Ham, C. (2014) Comparing methods for estimating parties' positions in Voting Advice Applications. In S. Marschall and D. Garzia, D. (eds.), Matching Voters with Parties and Candidates. Colchester: ECPR Press, pp. 33-47.
    [Link to book] [Preprint]
  • Gemenis, K. and Lefkofridi, Z. (2013) Greece: a critical assessment of Europeanization. In M.L. Mannin and C. Bretherton (eds.), The Europeanization of European politics: From Zapatero to Rajoy. Palgrave Macmillan.
    [Link to book] [Preprint]


  • Gemenis, K. and Triga, V. (2013) Party positions for the May and June 2012 parliamentary elections in Greece. Data Archiving and Networked Services (DANS) [distributor]. Persistent Identifier: urn:nbn:nl:ui:13-ngcr-q0
  • Gemenis, K. and Nezi, R. (2012) The 2011 political parties expert survey in Greece. Data Archiving and Networked Services (DANS) [distributor]. Persistent Identifier: urn:nbn:nl:ui:13-a9zi-p9
    [Data] [Report]

Working papers

  • Gemenis, K., Katsanidou, A. and Vasilopoulou, S. (2012) The politics of anti-environmentalism: positional issue framing by the European radical right (Presented at the 2012 MPSA Meeting)
  • Gemenis, K. (2012) A new approach for estimating parties’ positions in voting advice applications (Presented at the XXVI Congress of the Italian Political Science Association)

Research interests

  • Political parties and policy positions
  • Voting advice applications
  • Environmental politics
  • Methodology


  • Content Analysis (ECPR Summer School in Methods and Techniques)
  • Empirical Research and Data Analysis (Master)
  • Multivariate Regression Analysis (Year 2)
  • Data Collection and Scale Development (Year 2)
  • BSc and MSc thesis supervision
  • Methodology and Research Design (2010-2014, Year 3 & Pre-Master)

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