Dr. G.C. (Carlie) Geerdink

picture of Carlie Geerdink
Assistant Professor

T: +31.53.489.3280
F: +31.53.489.2159
E: Carlie Geerdink
Secretary: Annette van der Tuuk

General Information

Carlie Geerdink holds an MA degree in General Economics / Development Economics from the Erasmus University Rotterdam the Netherlands. He also holds a BA degree in Business Economics.

He has held several positions in the private sector and the public sector. Amongst others, he has been working as a development / labor economist in Pakistan. He worked at Erasmus University Rotterdam and Katholieke Universiteit Nijmegen

Carlie Geerdink thought several courses in economics on academic level as well on a higher vocational level

At the moment he is an assistant professor at University of Twente and Saxion University and deputy coordinator of the master track Management, Economics and Law at the University of Twente.

Research interest

Carlie Geerdink is doing research on “differences in economic development of regions”, where special attention is paid to, the relation between competition and co-operation and its effects on economic development, and the role of institutions settings.

Further topics of interest are,(European) Economic Integration, Regional Economics, Economics of Information, Economic Growth. Institutional economics, Economics of the public sector, Government and markets, Law and economics, Economic Theory of Conflicts


Currently Carlie gives courses/lectures in economics at as well master as bachelor level. To mention a few we name, Introductory Micro-Economics, Institutional Economics, Economics of the public sector, Government and Markets, Law and Economics. European Economic Integration