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E.B. (Elena) Escalante-Block

PhD researcher and Marie-Curie Fellow

Cubicus building, room C-315
Phone +31 53 489 7598/ 3280 


My current position as a PhD forms part of “The Post-Crisis Legitimacy of the European Union (PLATO) Project”. The project investigates the legitimacy of the EU in the post financial crisis period and it involves 15 PhD’s in 9 different universities across Europe. During my Marie-Curie Fellowship, I have investigated the politicisation and depoliticisation of state aid and the impact of these processes on the (de)legitimation of the European Union. The main research questions of my PhD thesis are: when and how do state aid cases become (de)politicised? And what is the effect of the politicisation of state aid cases on the legitimacy of the European Union?

I have previously worked for two years as a Research Assistant at the Electoral Integrity Project. The project, which is based at Harvard University and the University of Sydney, studies the electoral integrity of countries around the world and analyses electoral conditions and malpractices. Both my work as a Research Assistant and my Masters degrees inspired me to pursue academia and study European politics, which is why I decided to apply and ultimately become a part of PLATO.


  • (De)Politicisation processes
  • Competition and State Aid Policy
  • Legitimacy in the EU