Prof.dr. B.R. Dorbeck-Jung

Emeritus Professor of Regulation and Technology

Email: Prof.dr. B. Dorbeck-Jung

General information

Bärbel Dorbeck-Jung is Emeritus Professor of Regulation and Technology. Her focus lies on medical and nanotechnologies. She holds a Master’s degree in German law (University of München) and a Dutch PhD in Technical Sciences. She is a member of the Netherlands Institute of Government (NOB) and an associate member of the Ius Commune Research School. Additional functions include:

Chair of the Dutch and Flemish Association of Social Studies of Law, member of the Nanotechnology Commission of the Dutch Standardization Association (NEN), member of the Ethics Board of the University of Twente.

Research interests

Dorbeck-Jung worked and published on topics related to governance, legislation and self-regulation, good governance and the rule of law, computer law, health care law and technological regulation (IT and nanotechnologies). Currently she conducts empirical and theoretical studies on the effectiveness and legitimacy of medical technology and nanotechnology governance with a focus on responsible research and innovation. Dorbeck-Jung is one of the project leaders of the Dutch NanoNext Programme Risk & Technology Assessment (funded by the Dutch Government). She participates in the EC funded project ResAgora on a governance framework on responsible research and innovation. She is commissioned (by the Rathenau Insitute) to conduct a case study on nanomedical innovation and regulation.