BMS - Vakgroep PA (EN)

Selected student theses and research papers

Elroy Adelaar (2013) Breaking the ‘vicious circle between banks and sovereigns’: Neofunctionalism and liberal Intergovernmentalism as explanations for the establishment of the Single Supervisory Mechanism (SSM).

Katja Phillips (2013) Paradigm Shift a Groundhog Day - The Public Debate on Post-Crisis Banking Regulation in the United Kingdom.

Sophia Wolf (2013) Financial Stability after the Global Financial Crisis: A Comparison of the ESRB and the FSOC.

Armand Bande (2012) Banking Integration in the EU - A Process Marked by a Battle Between Systems.

Dzmitry Bartalevich (2012) The EU Competition Policy since 1990: How Substantial is the Degree of Convergence towards the U.S. Competition Policy?

Elena Bondarouk (2010) The Taming of the Shrew: regulating credit rating agencies in the European Union.

Daniela Müller (2010) Do Germany’s Global Players Liberalise? The European Works Councils of Volkswagen and Daimler – A Case-Study.

Annika Fickers (2010) Ideologies in Crisis: the secular-pious cleavage and political party polarization in Turkish politics from 1995 until 2007.

Katja Müller (2010) Objectives in European Foreign Aid: a case study of France and Sweden.

Christian Wagner (2010) The Effectiveness of Political Conditionality in Latin America.

Julia Wengert (2009) The EU and Agriculture in Multilateral Trade Negotiations: defending agricultural exceptionalism and the state assistance paradigm.

Margit Steen (2009) Government Responses to the 2008 Financial Crisis: the Netherlands, Germany and the United Kingdom.

Moritz Dressel (2008) The Politics of EU-Japan Economic Relations: how different policy paradigms prevent cooperation.