BMS - Vakgroep PA (EN)

Research and Consulting

My current activities focus is on various aspects of the financial and economic crisis, ranging from financial market regulation and macroeconomic policy choices to global responses in both these areas. Generally, I welcome requests to do commissioned research that fall into these areas.

I am most interested in the political evaluation of what lessons have been ‘learned’ in principle about the crisis, focusing on markets, market participants and on the capacity of public authorities to do something about it. How have these evaluations changed across countries? And how are they resulting in new business and regulatory environments, nationally, regionally, and globally?

Consulting (reports, advice) and public talks on corporate governance, structural adjustment, political risk analysis (for investors) and financial market regulation are available for corporate and institutional clients at a rate of €150/hour or €1000/day for short-term projects. Longer-term projects and retainers can be negotiated at a lower standard rate on request

I am also open to helping out civil society organisations on a pro bono basis from time to time. Corporate governance issues and stakeholder remedies are one area where I can lend my expertise. Public sector management and accountability is another.