BMS - Vakgroep PA (EN)

Research Supervision: Economics and Political Economy

Choosing a Supervisor and Thesis

Bachelor and Master thesis supervision within the Chair for European Economic Governance is provided on a specific range of topics. Interested students should contact Shawn Donnelly with an indication of whom they would like to work with, and on which topic, submitting a proposal with their mail (see below). The Chair’s members and their respective supervision areas are:

Prof. Dr. Nico Groenendijk: public budgeting, market regulation, regional development and competitiveness policy in Europe

Prof. Dr. Gert-Jan Hospers: regional development and demographic change in North-West Europe

Dr. Shawn Donnelly: financial stability (both public and private sector aspects), and financial market regulation in Europe and globally

Drs. Elger de Lange: European economic integration, corporate governance

Dr. Tsjalle van der Burg: sports economics, project appraisal, and corporate goverance

Dr. Carlie Geerdink: regional development, institutions and economic growth, and economic integration in Europe

Potential supervisees must submit a 2 page resume of what the research question will be (with a brief background), how you would like to go about it (theoretical or analytical approach, research design) and how it fits the research focus of a particular member of the Chair. The more detailed and specific the proposal, the better. You will find a dissertation supervision guide here.

Timing and Scheduling

Supervisees must schedule in monthly progress reports over the course of five months, beginning at the start of the semester. You are also obligated to attend a thesis writing methodology class. The work schedule with deliverables is as follows:

September / February: research question refined (methodology class starts)

October / March: research design, initial literature review (theory, analysis)

November / April: first thesis draft with empirical results

December / May: second thesis draft and green light test (passing grade)

January / June: research colloquium (graduation)

Students who apply later than September / February will only be offered openings in the following semester. Students who fail the green light test in December / May may be (and often are) required to wait until the following semester to graduate.