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Publishing Award Nomination

cover of the book The Regimes of European Integration

My latest book: The Regimes of European Integration: constructing governance of the single market. Oxford University Press, has been nominated for the UACES Best Book Prize.

The UACES Best Book Prize is ‘for the book that has made the most substantial and original contribution to knowledge in the area of European Studies in 2010’. Eligible books are from four disciplines: politics, economics, sociology and law. Only publishers may nominate. UACES is the University Association for Contemporary European Studies, the premier academic association in this field. The winner will be announced at the Annual UACES meeting, 5-7 September 2011 at Robinson College, University of Cambridge.

The book shows how national understandings of company and stock market collapses shaped financial market regulation nationally and ultimately in Europe. It advances our theoretical and empirical understanding of what makes regulatory governance beyond the national level possible, and what form it is likely to take. It speaks directly to the issue of how constitutional and institutional issues within the EU must be built on the institutions and policies of national political economies in order to succeed. It's findings are the departure point for my next book on global financial market regulation, where I expect the show the same impact of national preferences on international outcomes.