Research Interests

Research projects

1.Citizenship, Involvement and Democracy

Period: 1999-2007

External participants: a.o. J.W. van Deth (GER), O. Gabriel (GER), A. Westholm (SWE), H.P. Kriesi (SWI), K. Newton (UK), M. Torcal (SP), J.R. Montero (SP), W. Maloney (UK), S. Rossteutscher (GER)

PA researchers involved: Bas Denters, Herman Lelieveldt, Peter Geurts

Funded : ESF

Book publication: Citizenship and Involvement in European Democracies (

Book publication: Social Capital en Associations in European Democracies (

2.Size and Local Democracy in Europe

Period: 1999 - 2014

External participants M. Goldsmith (UK), P.E.M. Mouritzen (DK), A. Ladner (SUI) and L. Rose (NOR)

PA researchers involved: Bas Denters, Peter Geurts

Special issue: Environment and Planning C: Government and Policy 20 (6); Theme issue: Size and democracy; (

Book publication: manuscript completed autumn 2013; too be published

3.Comparing Local Governance

Period: 2002-2006

External participants: L.E. Rose (NOR), O. Borraz (FRA), P. Le Gales (FRA), L. Bobbio (IT), Y. Plees (BEL), K. Stahlberg (FIN), P. Swianiewicz (POL), O. Gabriel (GER), S. Eisenmann (GER), A. Ladner (SUI), D. Wilson (UK), G.W.A. Bush (NZE), C. Aulich (AUS), H.S. Savitch (USA), R.K. Vogel (USA), M. Goldsmith (UK)

PA researcher involved: Bas Denters and Pieter-Jan Klok

Book publication: Comparing Local Governance 

4.PLUS: Participation, Leadership and Urban Sustainability

Period: 2002 – 2004

External participants: University of the West of England, Bristol; Technical University of Darmstadt; Panteion University, Athens; Politechnico di Milano; University of Twente; Massey University; Norwegian Institute for Urban and Regional Research; University of Warsaw and University of Göteborg

PA researchers involved: Bas Denters, Pieter-Jan Klok 

Funds: European Commission (framework 5)

Book publication: Urban Governance and Democracy

Book publication: Legitimacy and Urban Governance

5.Political Leaders in European Cities

Period: 2002-2006

External participants: Fallend (Salzburg, Austria), Reynaert et al. (Gent, Belgium), Illner, (Chech Republic), Berg et al. (USD, Denmark), Kerrouche (Bordeau, France), Heinelt et al. (Darmstadt, Germany), Getimis (Athens, Greece), Soos (Hungary), Magnier (Florence, Italy), Larsen (Tromso, Norway), Swianiewicz (Warsaw, Poland), Neves (Lissabon, Portugal), Alba & Navarro (Madrid, Spain), Baeck (Gotenborg, Sweden), Kuebler (Zurich, Switzerland), Weeting (UWE, UK)

PA researchers involved: Bas Denters (Twente University)

Book publication: The European Mayor ( )

6.International Metropolitan Observatory

Period: 2003- 2005

External participants: Collin (Montreal, Canada), Lisheng et al. (Bejing, China), Kostelecky (Prague, Czech Republic), Andersen (Aalborg, Denmark), Walter (Stuttgart, Germany), Soos (Hungary), Razin & Hazan (Jerusalem, Israel), Swianiewicz (Warsaw, Poland), Aars (Bergen, Norway), Luque (Barcelona, Spain), Baeck (Gotenborg, Sweden), Cameron (Cape Town, SA), Kuebler (Zurich, Switzerland), Rallings (Plymouth, UK), Sellers (USC, Los Angeles USA)

PA researcher involved: Bas Denters, P.J. Klok, J. Deen, G. Sterkenburg

Book publication: Metropolitanization and Political Change (

7.Governance for Sustainability (G-FORS)

Period: 2005 - 2010

External participants: University of the West of England, Bristol, University of Technology Darmstadt, University of Warsaw, Politecnico di Milano, University of Göteborg, Norwegian Institute for Urban and Regional Research, Oslo, Panteion University, Athens, Centre for Regional Studies of Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Budapest, Institute for Regional Development and Structural Planning, Erkner (Germany)

PA researchers involved: Bas Denters, Pieter Jan Klok, Frans Coenen

Funding: The EU Commission's Research Framework Programme 6 priority 7 (Citizens and Governance in a Knowledge-Based Society - The Implications of European Integration and Enlargement for Governance and the Citizen)

Book Publication: Sustainability in European environment policy: challenges of governance and

knowledge. (

8.European Social Survey 2002: Social Capital in Europe

Period: 2007 - 2008

External participants: a.o. H. Meulemann (GER), J.W. van Deth (GER), M. Kaase (GER); R.Schmitt-Beck (GER); O. Gabriel (GER), S. Keil (GER).

PA researchers involved: Bas Denters and Henk van der Kolk

Book publication: Social Capital in Europe: Similarity of Countries and Diversity of People? (

9.CONNEX WP5-B1: Civil Society and Multilevel Governance

Period: 2005 - 2010

External participants: a.o. J.W. van Deth (Mannheim Duitsland); P.Bernhagen (Aberdeen Schotland) Joan.Font (Barcelona; Spanje) H.Lelieveldt (Middelburg, NL ; William Maloney (Newcastle UK) S. Keil (Stuttgart, Dld) T. Schulz (Zürich, SUI)

PA researchers involved: Bas Denters, Bengü Dayican and Henk van der Kolk

Funding: EU 6th framework program

Book publication: Civil Society and Activism in Europe. Contextualizing engagement and political orientations (

10.Local councillors in Europe

Period: 2003 - 2013

External participants: Steyvers & Reynaert (Gent, Belgium), Egner & Heinelt (Darmstadt, Germany), Hlepas & Getimis (Athens, Greece), Karlsson (Sweden) Sweeting (UWE, UK); Copus (De Montfort; UK)

PA researchers involved: Bas Denters and Pieter Jan Klok(Twente University)

Book publication: Local councilors in comparative perspective: drawing conclusions (

Special issue: Local Government Studies

Heinelt (Introduction): (

Denters & Klok (Citizen Democracy and the Responsiveness of Councillors):


11.Democratic legitimacy by performance?

Period: 2011 –

External participants: A. Roiseland (NOR); Jon Pierre (SWE);

PA researchers involved: Bas Denters
Publication: journal article “Beyond ‘What do I get?’”

12.COST Action IS 1207: Local Public Sector Reforms: An International Comparison (LocRef)

Period : 2012 -

External participants: S. Kuhlmann (Potsdam; GER); G. Bouckaert (Leuven; BEL) and researchers from 22 other countries.


In: G. Bouckaert & S. Kuhlmann: Local Public Sector Reforms in Times of Crisis

CH. 15: Giving citizens more say in local government:

CH. 19: Reforming local governments in times of crisis:

In: Geert Bouckaert, Sabine Kuhlmann, Christian Schwab (Hrsg.) The Future of Local Government in Europe, Lessons from Research and Practice in 31 Countries

CH. 3: Participation and Democratic Accountability: Making a Difference for the Citizens 

13. Intermunicipal cooperation in the Netherlands

Period : 2016 – 2018

PA researchers involved: Bas Denters, M. Boogers; P.J. Klok and M.P.T. Sanders


Article: Inter-municipal Cooperation in the Netherlands: The Costs and the Effectiveness of Polycentric Regional Governance (Public Adminsitration Review)

Book chapter: in F. Teles & P. Swianiewicz: Inter-Municipal Cooperation in Europe Institutions and Governance.

CH. 8: Intermunicipal cooperation in the Netherlands

14. The European Mayor II (also see under project 5)

Period : 2014 –

PA researchers involved: Bas Denters, P.J. Klok

Publications: in H. Heinelt et al.

CH. 9: Political leadership in issue networks; how mayors rule their world?

15. Community-initiatives, co-productions and collaborative governance

PA researchers currently involved: Bas Denters, P.J. Klok and Marcel Boogers


In: Edelenbos & Van Meerkerk

CH. 11: Community self-organization: potentials and pitfalls

Article Local Government Studies

Citizens’ Initiatives: How Local Governments Fill their Facilitative Role

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