Dieuwertje ten Berg, MSc.

PhD student

Cubicus B210


As a person I am interested in the choice other people make, especially the choices concerning their own development. I am interested in why people make choices and the activities, processes and factors influencing that influence the choices that people make. When understand the activities, processes and factors that influence the process of making a choice, we can support people while they are making choice concerning their development. 

phd project

In my PhD project, which is a part of the ‘Bridge the Gap’ research project, I will look into the professional identity development of technical students and professionals while interacting with the educational and organisational context. Insights will show what factors have an influence on the professional identity development. This will allow universities and organisations to stimulate the professional identity development of their students or employees. Resulting in a higher level of career efficacy, giving students and employees more confidence in their career choices.  Dutch Publications

educational background

2018 – present

PhD candidate, University of Twente, Enschede

2016 – 2018

PDEng candidate, department of Construction Management & Engineering, University of Twente, Enschede

2014 – 2016

MSc Educational Science & Technology, University of Twente

2010 – 2014

BSc Educational Science, University of Twente