Dr. Maaike Endedijk

Head of Department

Cubicus B212b

Maaike Endedijk works as an associate professor in Professional Learning in Organizations at the department Educational Sciences. Her main research interest is in self-directed professional learning at the workplace, with a focus on the technology, health and education sector. In her research projects, she focuses on the antecedents, consequences and interactions of individual and team-level processes of learning. Her ambition is to develop innovative measurement techniques (e.g., using sensor technology) to get more insights in this black box of learning processes. In addition, she also studies learning and professional development processes of students in the transition from education to work. Her dissertation, for example, was focused on student teachers’ self-directed learning. A list of her current research projects can be found below.


2014 - present

Project leader and senior researcher in the project: “Mind the gap! The transition of STEM students to the technological labour market”. The project will result in a solution for the leak in technological human capital during the transition period from study to work. The project is carried out together with TechYourFuture, several high-tech firms positioned in Twente, Techniekpact Twente, University of Twente and Saxion. http://www.techyourfuture.nl/nl/a-351/mind-the-gap-de-doorstroom-van-bètastudenten-naar-de-technische-arbeidsmarkt

2014 - present

Senior researcher and co-project leader (with dr. Elze Ufkes) in the project “Measuring group processes with sensor technology in real-life situations”. The project will lead to the validation of instruments based on sensor technology for measuring group processes, such as informal social learning processes at the workplace (junior researcher: Stijn de Laat).

2014 - present

Co-promotor in the project “The best of both worlds: the interplay between self- and social regulation in teams” (PhD-student Marijn Wijga, Promotor Bernard Veldkamp).

2013 - present

Co-promotor in the project “Team learning of faculty during the implementation of Project-led Education” (PhD-student Rike Bron, Promotor Bernard Veldkamp)

2010 - present

Initiator and coordinator of an international research project on individual differences in learning to teach (2010-now, not funded). Together with partners from Belgium, Germany, Austria, and Switzerland we work on questions related to individual differences in learning to teach and the further (international) validation of a questionnaire.


Various research projects with Master students on professionals’ self-directed learning in the contexts of health, technology and education. For example:

  • Learning paths of teachers, studying: intention, activities and outcomes to understand teacher learning at the workplace (Saskia Dannenberg, 2015)
  • Learning paths of engineers: studying sequences of learning activities to understand knowledge workers’ professional development (Marit Hoekman, 2014)
  • Self-directed learning in self-directed teams in a healthcare organization (Ilse Jolij, 2014)
  • Exploring antecedents to engage in work-related learning for different types of nurses (Hildert Zoethout, 2013)
  • Evaluation of a digital learning portfolio: how to stimulate self-directed learning among employees in health care (Linda Cornelissen, 2012)


My teaching is both in the domain of Human Resource Development in the Master Educational Science & Technology (EST) and at the Academy of Advanced Technology, Liberal Arts and Sciences (ATLAS), the University College of the University of Twente. I am currently involved in the following courses:

  • Coordinator and teacher of the EST-M course Regulation and facilitation of workplace learning
  • Coordinator and teacher of the PSY-B3 module Professional learning in organizations
  • Coordinator of the Final projects of the Master Educational Science and Technology, domain Human Resource Development.

In March 2011 I received the Educational Science and Technology (Onderwijskunde) Teacher of the Year 2010-2011 award.


2015 - present

Coordinator of the Special Interest Group Professional Development and Learning (SIG 14) of the European Association for Research on Learning and Instruction http://www.earli.org/special_interest_groups/learning_professional

2015 - present

Member of the Academic Board of TechYourFuture, expertise centre for technical education. http://www.techyourfuture.nl

2015 - present

Board member of the division Training, Vocational Education and Craftsmanship (BBV) of the VOR (Dutch Educational Research Association). http://www.vorsite.nl/nl/divisies-en-themagroepen/bbv.html

April – May 2014

Visiting scholar at the University of Antwerp, Belgium.

2010 - present

Member of the international Research network ‘Learning patterns in transition: dimensionality, validity and development’, financed by the FWO (Fonds Wetenschappelijk Onderzoek Vlaanderen). A netwerk of in total 8 international partners to stimulate exchange and development of research on learning patterns: http://www.ua.ac.be/learningintransition

2009 - 2013

Junior coordinator of EARLI’s Special Interest Group 11 Teaching and Teacher Education


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See https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Maaike_Endedijk/publications for the most recent overview and downloads of my publications.