Tim Hirschler MSc.

Researcher & Lecturer

Cubicus B206

I studied Psychology and eventually Educational Science and Technology at the University of Twente. I enjoy the combination of a scientific approach, entrepreneurship and teaching. In my work, I focus on constant improvement and am always challenging myself to learn and develop – an attitude I also try to convey in my teaching and supervision.

Research Interests

Collective behaviour fascinates me. Why do organizations, teams and people develop themselves in specific directions? What can we do to improve our (collective) performance? In the past, I’ve studied the development of self-organizing teams, distributed leadership, self-determined motivation and organizational learning environments. I’m especially interested in forms of professional responsibility such as self-organization.


At the moment my teaching focuses around courses pertaining to consultancy skills and (design) research for real clients, as well as supervising a wide array of theses. I’m a teacher in the following courses:

  • HRD Design and Consultancy in Live Context (M-EST)
  • Designing for Learning in Organizations (Pre-M EST)
  • Professional Learning in Organizations (TOM module)
  • Supervisor of Bachelor’s and Master’s theses


  • Hirschler, T., Hulsbos, F. A., & Van Langevelde, W. S. (2014). Designing a conducive learning climate for self-organized learning in Sensire’s home care teams. In T. Plomp & N. Nieveen (Eds.), Educational Design Research: Introduction and Illustrative Cases. Enschede: SLO.