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Accompanying Person's Program

Accompanying people are welcome to join us for an extensive "Superdutchyfantasnatureculturistilicious" social program from Monday to Thursday. A short week overview:


We begin with a guided tour around Roombeek, a residential area that was remarkably rebuilt after a terrible fireworks disaster and has become a showcase of Dutch modern architecture. Afterwards we will get another guided tour, this time something totally different: a typical Dutch cheese farm. Fun and educational, also very nice for kids. (Lunch included.)


Tuesday we will go on a day long excursion to the royal castle and the belonging gardens. It’s very relaxed, you will have lots of time to look around freely. Children will love the gardens too. (Lunch on own account in the museum restaurant.)


This day we will spend together with all of the ORAHS attendees and we will go to a remarkable place of nature and culture, where the typical Dutch landscape of water, reedplants and little houses and bridges scan be experienced from boats. More about Gierhoorn can be found elsewhere on the website. (Lunch and dinner included.)


Another typical Dutch features mark this day. We begin with a guided tour at a windmill, we go on a short boattrip with a special regional boa tand we and with a triple museum: we see how clogs are made by hand, the history of the boat we went on that day and some handwork from the region. Again a very relaxed day, after which we will be back in the hotel on time to prepare for the gala dinner. (Lunch on own account in a nice bistro in town.)

During the Welcome Reception on Sunday, more information will be given to you in form of a special "Superdutchyfantasnatureculturistilicious" - booklet. This booklet is very important as it could also be a key to a special PRIZE!
If you have any more questions about the partner program beforehand, please contact Hana Hans (00 31 622148609).
We wish you a pleasant stay!