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CV MSc. Nicole Koster

Nicole Koster is a parttime PhD candidate researching population characteristics en client needs in home healthcare.

She is also an advisor for homecare companies such as Buurtzorg, for Ecare Services, an ICT firm providing software, data-warehousing and data-analyses in home healthcare, nursing care and social care, and she is a co-founder of the Dutch Omaha System Support foundation.

She has a background as a Physiotherapist and earned a Master of Science in public health; Health Services Innovations, cum laude. She guided the implementation of the Buurtzorg model in other organizations, developed Buurtzorg’s Electronic Health Record, including the Omaha System, with programmers, nurses and nurse assistants. This health record, het 'Cliëntkompas' and the accompanying standardized careplan-programm won the 2013 Spider Award for most innovative and effective ICT project in the Netherlands. It was competing against 2nd runner up ColonIS from RIVM. Nicole also developed EHR's for the companies in the mental health and social care sector with end-users. She is an advocate for client-focussed, holistic care and a delivery model based on trust, craftsmanship and relationship-based care.


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