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CV Dr. Hanneke Geerlings


PhD student, University of Twente

Dissertation entitled: “Psychometric methods for automated test design"


Master in Cognitive Psychology, University of Twente


Master in Educational Evaluation and Assessment, University of Twente


Bachelor in Educational Science and Technology, University of Twente


Assistant professor, University of Twente


Research assistant, University of Twente


Geerlings, H., Laros, J. A., Tellegen, P. J., & Glas, C. A. W. (2014). Testing the difficulty theory of the SON-R 5.5-17, a non-verbal test of intelligence. British Journal of Mathematical and Statistical Psychology, 67, 248-265.

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Zeuch, N., Geerlings, H., Holling, H., van der Linden, W. J., & Bertling, J. P. (2010). Regelgeleitete Konstruktion von statistischen Textaufgaben: Anwendung von linear logistischen Testmodellen und Aufgabencloning [Rule-based generation of statistical word problems: Application of linear logistic test models and item cloning]. Zeitschrift fur Paedagogik, Beiheft, 56, 52-63 (In German).

Glas, C. A. W., van der Linden, W. J., & Geerlings, H. (2010). Estimation of the parameters in an item-cloning model for adaptive testing. In W. J. van der Linden and C. A. W. Glas (Eds.), Elements of adaptive testing (pp. 289-314). New York, NJ: Springer.

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