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CV Prof. dr. Theo de Vries


After his military service and a study in mathematical engineering (Delft Univ., 1966) mr. De Vries obtained his doctorate with a thesis on health are (hospital laboratory; supervisor prof. dr. B. Leijnse, Faculty of Medicine, 1974). 


He started his career in 1966 as a researcher at the Mathematical Centre in Amsterdam (now Centre for Mathematics and Informatics). After this he was employed in health care for six years and as principal scientific staff member ('wetenschappelijk hoofdmedewerker') for health care and economy in Leiden University. From 1976 till 1979 he was deputy secretary of the then Advisory Council for Research Policy. In 1979 he founded a scientific research institute for consumer matters. In 1986 he accepted the function of director of the Provincial Council for Public Health in Zuid-Holland (until 2000). He was involved in administrative processes in health care and the influence of research in that area.

From 1995 till 2005 he was professor by special appointment for regional health care (Univ. for Humanism; decision processes, effects, and control). From 2002 he was professor by special appointment (STT) in Twente University (UT) for future studies in health care, in which ICT plays the principal role. He founded the Nederlands Instituut voor Telemedicine (NITEL, chairman 2002-2005). He also supervised a number of start-ups, one of which became very  successful (Focus Cura, technology in homecare).

From 2007 until July 1 2016 he was extraordinary professor. Since 2007 he focused on applying modern mathematical techniques in order to solve social issues. Many of these investigations concern fraude detection, detecting diseases such as posttraumatic stress disorder etc. He set up the Dutch Fraud Initiative (DFI) in collaboration with a colleague. He has supervised six doctoral dissertations. Three of these concern recent developments in health care, the others concern applications of mathematical techniques to ICT, fraud and the detection of disorders (PTSS) using text mining. After his retirement this line of research will be continued.

Additional functions

Mr. De Vries has fulfilled many administrative functions. For ten years he acted as chairman of a health insurance company, initiator of the merging of the ZAO (the Amsterdam health insurance organisations), and he was a member of the board of several health care institutions. From 1990 till 1995 he was Crown-appointed member (vice-chairman) of the Board for the Protection of Personal Data (the then Registration Chamber). Until 2015 he was a member of the board of several foundations, for example, as curator and member of the executive committee of the Telders Foundation (the scientific bureau of the VVD party).

Although he is not politically active, Mr. De Vries is a member of a political party. In 2006 he was added to the VVD party list in Leiden. He is mainly interested in decision making processes related to the decentralisation of various governmental tasks in favour of municipalities.

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