Goals and Mission

The main goals of the Research Center for Examinations and Certification (RCEC), an initiative of the University of Twente and Cito, are

  • to stimulate and facilitate independent research into examinations and certification.
  • to conduct research projects for public and private organizations.
  • to give training in educational measurement.
  • to disseminate information by organizing conferences on issues in examinations.

The RCEC intends to be a prominent and independent research center for questions dealing with examinations and certification, both nationally and internationally. The results of its research should benefit all organizations and persons who are in any way involved in examinations and certification.


Organizationally, the RCEC will operate under the auspices of the University of Twente. Graduate students at both the master’s and Ph.D. level will participate in the research program. The staff of the University of Twente and Cito organizations will be made available for specific projects.

Research Projects

Since its inception in 2007, the RCEC has facilitated seven Ph.D. projects on the quality of competence-based assessments, item sampling, adaptive testing, simulator-based testing of driving performance. Publications and products resulting from this research will be made available on the RCEC website, www.rcec.nl, articles in international journals, and presentations on international conferences.


Birgit olthof-Regeling
Secretary RCEC

More information: www.rcec.nl