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PRE CONFERENCE WORKSHOP Georgakopoulou & Bamberg

Workshop is organized by Michael Bamberg (Clark University) & Alex Georgakopoulou (King’s College London).

Researching narrative identities with small stories

Small stories research has come a long way in the last 10+ years. It began as a sociolinguistic paradigm for analysing stories & identities in conversations but it has, by now, earned a place in numerous disciplinary areas in narrative studies. It has also been extended to a range of materials and environments, incl. research interviews, visual and digital data. Picking up on this outreach and diversification, in this workshop, our aim is to introduce you to the main strands of current work on small stories as a prime example of critical narrative analysis. We will discuss how a small stories perspective is especially well-suited to uncovering and analysing the emergence and co-construction of stories and moments of agency, resistance and performance for their tellers. Such moments are revealing of ethical, political and ideological underpinnings of specific kinds of stories that become closely associated with specific identity projects in specific contexts. In the first half of the workshop, we will present the foundations of small stories and their affiliations with social-interactional approaches to positioning. We will also outline the trans-locations of small stories in narrative inquiry studies of clinical practice, health, well-being and ageing, education, and autobiography. In the second half of the workshop, we will work in groups on material from the #MeToo campaign. What does a small stories perspective entail in this case? What does a step-by-step data collection and analysis look like? What does it contribute to the longstanding study of the personal and the collective, circulation, voice/visibility and empathy?



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Follow up

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Biography Alexandra Georgakopoulou

Alexandra Georgakopoulou (see below) is Professor of Discourse Analysis & Sociolinguistics, King’s College London. With small stories research, she has specifically examined the role of everyday life stories in the (re)formation of social relations of intimacy and in (post)feminist identity politics. Her books include ‘Analyzing narrative’ (with Anna De Fina, 2012, CUP). She has co-edited ‘The Handbook of Narrative Analysis’ (with Anna De Fina, 2015, Wiley-Blackwell) and “The Routledge Handbook of Language & Digital Communication” (with Tereza Spilioti, 2016). She is (Co)-Editor of the Routledge Book Series ‘Narrative, interaction and discourse’. She is currently involved in the ERC project, ‘Life-writing of the moment: The sharing and updating self on social media’ (www.ego-media.org).

 Alexandra Georgakopoulou

Biography Michael Bamberg

Michael Bamberg (see picture below) professor of psychology at Clark University; PhD in psychology from UC Berkeley in 1985; editing Narrative Inquiry and Studies in Narrative; investigates the use of narratives in institutional as well as personal branding; proponent of positioning analysis and the analysis of identity navigation in narrative practices; teaching and promoting qualitative inquiry in the context of Liberal Education.

 Michael Bamberg