Keynote Speakers Tuesday 3 July 2018

KEYNOTE John Bateman

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Narrative from the perspective of multimodality: what makes a (multimodal) story?

From the perspective, for example, of narratology, it is generally accepted that narratives can unfold in many media and using many expressive forms. This raises interesting questions concerning both the possible boundaries of what might be called `narrative' and the potential for new media to give rise to new kinds of narrative. One case of this is the uneasy truce that now holds between narrative and computer gaming, where for some time there was heated discussion concerning just to what extent a digital game could be considered to be narrative at all.  Similar points of discussion are raised when moving across other media, such as when considering the narrative potential of static images, music, dance and so on. In this talk I address these issues from the perspective of multimodality, an emerging field that adopts an approach in many respects the reverse of previous proposals for dealing with complex communicative artefacts and performances. Rather than starting with individual `modalities' such as language, image, movement, music, etc. and considering how these might interact with others, the view of multimodality I present instead takes the phenomenon of multimodality itself as the central organising principle. This has several theoretical and methodological consequences that allow modally-complex communicative situations to be addressed in a new light. The talk will set out the fundamental concepts in this account, particularly those of semiotic mode, medium and genre, and position narrative multimodally within this drawing on examples from a broad range of media.

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KEYNOTE Lora Arroyo

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