See Conference Narrative Matters 2018

Presentation Guidelines

Please find below the guidelines for the oral and the poster presentation of the Narrative Matters conference in 2018.

Guidelines for the presenters of an oral presentation

  • Each paper session or panel lasts 90 minutes. We kindly ask all presenters of an oral presentation to prepare a PowerPoint presentation with a duration of 15-20 minutes. In a session with four presentations, you will have 15 minutes and in a session with three presentations you will have 20 minutes.
  • In accordance with the conference’s special theme The ABCs of Narrative (see the overview page) and mission to stimulate an interdisciplinary dialogue we have made room for discussion of 8-10 minutes at the end of each presentation.
  • We also ask each presenter to prepare (at least) two questions to ensure that each presentation will have a stimulating (interdisciplinary) discussion.
  • Laptop, beamer, and WIFI access are provided in each conference room. Please bring your presentation on a USB stick.
  • If you’re the presenter, please upload your presentation 15 minutes prior to the session at the computer in your conference room. Students will be around to assist you. Please notify the session chair of your presence.
  • We cannot guarantee compatibility between another presentation format (e.g. LaTeX, Markdown) and the laptop in your session hall. We ask presenters that intend to bring their own format to notify the session leader in advance and bring their own laptop and adapter cable.
  • The same holds for video or audio formats: not all laptops in the session halls are similar, so if you intend to play a video, please know that there is a possibility that it could become difficult to do so.
  • Not all computers will have a (wireless) presentation pointer, we ask presenters to bring their own pointer if they prefer to use it.

Guidelines for the presenters of a poster presentation

  • We kindly ask all presenters of a poster presentation to prepare a poser in the portrait format.
  • To adequately fit the size of the poster board, which are only available to the portrait format, your poster should be of size A0 (841 x 1189mm).
  • Please bring the poster yourself to the conference, there will be no opportunity to print your poster at the conference site.
  • We shall provide drawing pins / thumb tacks and tape to attach your poster to the poster board.
  • If you're the presenter of the poster, please attach your poster to a posterboard at the beginning of that conference day at the designated place.
  • We give every presenter of a poster on Tuesday and Wednesday the opportunity to pitch their poster during the plenary session. Therefore, we ask all the poster presenters of a specific day to attend the first plenary session of that same specific day. There, they will be given the opportunity to pitch their poster by stating their name, poster title and a description of their poster in with a maximum of 2 sentences. We kindly ask all the poster presenters to prepare their pitch in advance, and make sure that their pitch is not longer than one minute. This ensures that all pitches will be short and to the point.
  • As there will be no plenary session on Thursday, the poster presenters of Thursday do not have to prepare a poster pitch.

Questions and other matters

If you have any questions, please send them to the organizing committee available at To help us give you a fast response, please start your e-mail with the abstract title, the name of the session and the name of the presenter.

We wish all presenters good luck with the preparations of their contributions. We look forward to the inspiring presentations and discussions during the conference!