About the University of Twente
The conference is hosted by the StoryLab, part of the Centre for eHealth & Wellbeing (www.cewr.nl) at the University of Twente, and by the department of Literature at the Groningen University.

University of Twente
High Tech Human Touch: that’s what the University of Twente stands for. It is an entrepreneurial University that is noted for:

  • Excellent education & research
  • New technology as motor for change, innovation and progress
  • Combination of technology & social sciences
  • Entrepreneurial attitude

The University of Twente sets standards in the field of new technology and seeks to stimulate change, renewal, and progress in society. Our strength lies in our capacity to combine. We work with the technologies of the future – e.g. information technology, biotechnology, and nanotechnology – in which behavioral and social science research play a vital role.

Story Lab
This focus is reflected in the StoryLab, an interdisciplinary center of expertise for narrative studies. We design and evaluate technological interventions to support people in expressing and creating stories that promote their health and well-being. We advance narrative methodology by developing technologies for the analysis of stories that are told in natural settings. Last, we study how people imagine meaningful lives in a changing and complex world of technology and care.

Web and social media
Email: narrativematters2018@utwente.nl
Web: www.utwente.nl/en/bms/narrativematters2018
Twitter: @NMConf2018