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About Enschede

About Enschede

The conference will be held in Enschede, the Netherlands. With a population of more than 150,000 citizens, Enschede is the largest city in the east of the Netherlands. It has a direct train connection to Amsterdam Airport (2 hours). Enschede can be reached from Paris and Berlin by train in 5 hours.

Twente is a high tech, entrepreneurial region. The city of Enschede not only houses the University of Twente, a research university for technical and social sciences, but also the Saxion University of Applied Sciences, the ArtEZ University of the Arts, and the national Telematics Institute. More than fifty companies start up each year.

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Enschede is an international city on the border of the Netherlands and Germany, hosting people with more than 150 nationalities. Enschede is a terminal station of the Dutch NS railway network on the west, and of the German Deutsche Bahn on the east. The University of Twente has a train station, "Enschede Kennispark" that is also very close to the conference site.

Enschede is well-known in the Netherlands (and Europe) for its soccer club “FC Twente” as well as across the globe for the “Royal Grolsch Brewery”. Both come together in the site for the conference: the stadium of FC Twente that is called "Grolsch Veste".

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Enschede boosts the Roombeek culture park, where you can visit the Rijksmuseum Twenthe to see art or the Museum Twentse Welle to explore the region’s natural and social history. The culture park brings you back to the cultural heritage of the textile industry, but it is also the site of innovative art exhibitions.

After the firework disaster which destroyed a whole neighborhood in 2000, the city showed its resilience and rebuilt Roombeek which is now a site for architecture lovers from around the world. The house of stories is a place where stories about the firework disaster are conserved and shared.

Enschede has beautiful surroundings. Where the city ends, the characteristic landscape with its woods, tracts of farmland, fens and moor begins, ideal for jogging, cycling or walking.

For more information about Enschede, please visit the website of Enschede Promotie.

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