Travel information

Coming to the conference
If you come by air, the easiest route would be to take a plane to Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, then take a direct train from Schiphol to the city of Enschede. Direct train departures are every hour. There is another train that also departs every hour, but you need to switch in Amersfoort: the train to Enschede is waiting at the other side of the platform. Note that the train does not pass through Amsterdam Central Station and takes a little more than two hours to arrive in Enschede.

Train travelers from London, Paris, or Brussels can take the train to Amsterdam Schiphol and switch to the train to Enschede. Train travelers from Berlin can take the train to Hengelo station, which is only ten minutes from Enschede. The location of the conference is "Grolsch Veste” (Colosseum 65, 7521 PP Enschede) is not far from the University of Twente. You can take a train or busline 1 from Enschede central station to Enschede Kennispark. The location is just besides the station. You can also take a taxi or go Dutch and rent a bike.

You can find information about hotels at the accommodations page.

Getting around during the conference

  • By train. The train stop Enschede Kennispark is just opposite of the Grolsch Veste. Enschede station and Hengelo station are just one stop away, and trains depart twice per hour. You can check the departure times here, on the website of the Nederlandse Spoorwegen (NS). The last train departs around 01:00, and the first arrives around 6:30. Tickets can be bought at the station, or by checking in with an OV-chipkaart.
  • By bus. The bus station that is the nearest to the Grolsch Veste is De Broeierd. You can plan your journey by filling in De Broeierd or Grolsch Veste as the destination, and the bus station from which you wish to depart here, on the website of 9292ov. Bus 9 from either Hengelo or Enschede station will take you there. Bus tickets can be bought in the bus, but only with cash. You can also pay by checking in with an OV-chipkaart.
  • By car. There are many parking places available in front of the Grolsch Veste. If you wish to come by car, you can use Colosseum 65 (7521 PP Enschede) for navigation. Parking around the Grolsch Veste is free.
  • By bike. A nice - and typical Dutch - way to move around during the conference is by renting a bike. Here you can find more information on renting a bike in Enschede.