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Daniel Granda Peñafiel 

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1. Aarezo Sha (classmate)

Heartfelt thoughts go out to you in this time of sorrow, may he rest in peace. 

2. Merit Meyer-Leive (His project group member in Digital Marketing)

I hope for everyone to take their time to process and heal. Even though Daniel and I weren’t close friends we still hung out a bit and worked very close with the group on our website. Until the very last minute he made it a priority and was dedicated to helping everyone. He was very fun to be around, made jokes with us and laughed. It was a shock for all of us and he will be missed deeply. I can’t express how I feel but I hope for everyone that time will ease the pain. There are no words...

3. Merte Lems (Fellow IBA student)

Unfortunately, I never knew Daniel personally, but I do remember him from participating actively during the lectures and other classes. My deepest condoleances to his family and friends. Rest In Peace Daniel.

4. Lena Ay (study adviser)

I have known Daniel as a very kind and passionate student. I had created a bond with Daniel as we had regular meetings; even having a walk on campus which was very nice. He was very passionate about music and DJ'ing and could tell non stop about his passion. I am glad I got to meet him. I wish his family and friends a lot of strength in this time of grief.

5. Matthias de Visser (Teacher at UT)

Dear family and friends of Daniel, so sorry to hear about your loss. Daniel was such a multitalented student and kind person. It’s very sad we cannot meet hem in class again. He will be missed.

6. Henry Kurzhals (Fellow student)

Hereby, I want to share a few thoughts with friends and family of Daniel.
I remember I had a few conversations with Daniel at the start of our studies. We were both in Cohort 2019 and in one of the lectures, David introduced himself to me and a friend of mine and we had some smalltalk about everyday University stuff. He left a nice and pleasant impression. I noticed that he overcame himself when talking to us, since we were two persons and he was a rather shy guy. We have not been close friends, but recognised each other as we saw each other at Uni. 

To friends and family I want to express deep sorrow and wish best of hope and strength for a future without Daniel. Together, you will learn to live with this sad chapter of our lives, for this I am sure. 

Best regards,
Henry Kurzhals 

7. Agata Leszkiewicz (Teacher)

I am deeply saddened about the death of a Daniel. He was a student in my course, and I remember him very well. He was very interested in digital marketing and often contributed his unique perspective and opinion in the classroom. Also, his creativity and passion for music was extraordinary, and he found a way to channel it into the course work. It is difficult to express in words this loss. My heartfelt condolences to the family and friends of Daniel.

8. Giuliano Clemente (Fellow student in IBA)

 I pray God will comfort your heart. I cry with you.

9. Dr. Efthymios Constantinides (His professor in the elective module DMNB)

It is hard to find the right words in case of such tragic events like the loss of a young brilliant person with a bright future in front of him. 
My deep and sincere condolences to the family and friends 

10. Kevin (Classmate)

I didn’t know Daniel very well however from the few interactions we had, he was always genuine and welcoming! He had a massive impact on those close to him at Uni and he will be sorely missed. Taken from us far too soon, he had such a promising career in front of him. RIP

11. Britt Kamphuis (Close friend)

Dear everybody,

I am more than sorry for your loss! Dan and I build a closer bond this last year and worked a lot together throughout the study. I am out of words and cannot describe the grief you must go through. Dan will have a place in my heart forever, and I will always remember the kind and loving Dan the way I knew him.

12. Julia Lyttle (Friend from IBA course)

I am so sorry for your loss. Dan was such a great guy and I am very thankful that I was able to get to know him and call him a friend for the last year and a half. Dan was so passionate about his music and when he would talk about making music his face would light up and his voice would fill with enthusiasm and positivity, his passion for his music was infectious and it was a joy to listen to him talk about it, and listen to tracks he created. I am so grateful to have known such a lovely person. He is missed so much.

13. Lucas Hartmans (Friend)

Deepest condolences to Daniel's family, friends, housemates and everyone who knew Daniel. 

Daniel was my friend, fellow student and neighbour. 
The first time I met Daniel was when he started honours programme last year and happened to be my course mate. Daniel was the first who started socializing and asking for people's phone number. Later, Daniel moved houses and became my neighbour coincidentally. Since then, we started getting to know each other more and more. Several times, Daniel & I casually met to drink some beer, enjoy the music, even listen to music that Daniel created himself ranging from techno (I couldn't hear quality differences between his techno music, and techno songs of well-known artists) to soundtrack-like music that I enjoyed very much. Last summer, we went to Portugal together where we had a lot of fun and shared a good time together, we even drove to Spain where we ate some Tapas and he could talk his Spanish mother-tongue. Daniel had a passion in learning new things. In Portugal he was trying to learn Swedish and when being back in the Netherlands he started a passion in creating new music and improving his dutch language. I really knew Daniel as a funny, smart and kind friend who was keen to learn and explore new things.

I am going to miss Daniel and wish his family and friends warm blessings, support and all the best in processing this difficult time in life.

14. Inge van Haare (Coordinator International Affairs)

Dear family, friends and fellow students of Daniel, I am so sorry for your loss. Please accept my deepest condolences. I wish you a lot of strength and support.

15. Jaap Stout (Exchange Coordinator UT)

My deepest condolences go to Daniel’s family and friends. I wish you a lot of strength in dealing with this loss of Daniel.

16. Sonja

Wishing everybody who knew Daniel strength and courage to cope with this great loss.

17. James Koolhof (fellow student)

Dear parents of Daniel,

Your wonderful son has left his footprints in everyones heart and mind. 
May care and love of those around you provide comfort and peace. May god wrap his love around you and your family.
My deepest sympathy is with you.

James Koolhof, fellow IBA student

Queridos padres de Daniel,

Tu maravilloso hijo ha dejado sus huellas en el corazon y la mente de todos. Que Dios los envuelva con su amor y paz a su familia.
Le acompaño en el sentimiento.

James Koolhof, IBA estudiante

18. X Huang (teacher in FAIS module of IBA program)

Dear Family of Daniel: 
Very very sad to hear this. It is a great loss to the family and the university. He was an active student in my class, had the ambition to excel. I also saw his website and think he has diverse interests and care for others. My deepest condolences. May his soul rest in peace.

19. Rixt (one of our students)

I am very sorry for your loss. The news about your son filled me with grief.

20. Marc Fuentes Bongenaar (Fellow Honours student)

My heartfelt condolences go out to Daniel's family, friends, and fellow students. 

I met Daniel during our first honours module and worked together with him on our first project for the course. He provided great insights and was a fun person to work with. I have fond memories of the discussions we had during our time working together. Outside of university I have met with Daniel a couple of times, he was a great guy to have a talk and some drinks with. From our talks I remember his love for music well, his passion for techno was inspiring. Daniel was an incredibly kind and smart person. He will be missed.

I wish a lot of strength to Daniel's family and friends.

21. Michel Ehrenhard (Programme director IBA)

Dear family and friends of Daniel: what a tragic loss of such a warm and talented person. Daniel will be greatly missed by his fellow students, teachers and friends and will not be forgotten. We wish you lots of strength in these difficult times.

22. Annemarie Ridder (supporting Daniel's individual skills development)

Daniel had no trouble at all writing down his ambitions and learning path for personal growth in a short and simple plan. He wanted to work on the Dutch language, leadership and time management and had it all figured out how and when. He "greatly appreciated having the opportunity to have been able to travel and potentially settle in a more developed and overall better country." Although I never met Daniel in person, his work and emails gave me the impression that he was just serious enough for a young student. The UT community lost a talented and beloved member. Your loss, as Daniel's next of kin and all who loved him, is many times greater. I wish you precious memories and much strength.

23. Josie Vorhauer (Classmate Honours Programme)

I worked with Daniel in the first module of the Honours programme. Despite not having much contact since then, he has always remained in my memory. He was a funny and charismatic person. He was never short of a funny story and always a joy to talk to. Not only did he bring joy and fun to the meetings, but he was also very insightful and intelligent. The world truly lost a wonderful person with him. May he rest in peace!

24. Jacques Fürst (Studied in the same Honours course with him, worked with him in a project)

I got to know Daniel as a kind-hearted person with great aspirations and a witty mind. Whilst working with him, he taught me some words of the English language I had never heard before and was always keen to share both his thoughts and a good laugh. I got to know his concerns a bit better when discussing a presentation the two of us were preparing. I hope dearly that he is in a better place now, and I will always remember him when using the word 'acquiesce', which he integrated in one of the sentences he formulated for our project back then so seamlessly.

25. Tsjalle van der Burg (I was his teacher in the Honours programme)

Dear family of Daniel,

I am so sorry Daniel has passed away. I was his teacher in the Honours programme of our university. I have come to know Daniel as a nice, friendly person. During the course, he made quite a number of intelligent remarks, while being good in dealing with criticism. He co-operated well with the other members of his group. Most of all, I remember him giving a very interesting presentation on behalf of his group. Daniel certainly had the qualities for the Honours programme. 

I wish you all the strenght you need in dealing with this very big loss. 

Tsjalle van der Burg

26. Robin Kamphuis

As the above information says, I did not know Daniel. I have probably never even spoken to him but I saw the story on the Stress website and was touched. I just wanted to give my condolences to his loved ones as this must be the worst that could happen to anyone. Living so far from home, his family must have rarely seen him during his time here and that possibly made it even worse. I wish you all the strength you need to cope with this.