For all sorts of questions you can contact us

Methodology shop/Test bank
Office: Cubicus Building (41) room B104

Visit the office during the opening hours!

Prefer to send an e-mail? As not all our staff is Dutch, we will be able to help you faster when you e-mail us in English.

For quick questions you can also contact us on Facebook.

However, there are certain rules, when making use of our services:

  1. A consult can be limited to about 20 minutes on busy days when we have a lot of customers.
  2. Please DO bring your data and all of your finished paperwork related to your project/thesis/exercise. This helps us to understand your study.
  3. Please think of your problem in advance and try at least something on your own. We will try to help you further on your way. But we will NOT tell you exact solutions or actually DO your work.
  4. When calling, we have no access to any documents concerning your inquiry, therefore it will be difficult to explain detailed steps. Hence, we ask only to call for short questions. Else, please visit us in the office (or send an email).
  5. We make no reservations! First come, first served!