Noortje Janssen, MSc.

phd student

Cubicus B221

+31 53 489 6466

Noortje Janssen (1987) studied educational sciences at Utrecht University, and graduated in 2011. For her master’s thesis she examined the split attention effect in computer based tests by means of cognitive load measures, such as eye tracking and subjective mental effort ratings. In May 2012, Noortje started her PhD project at the University of Twente.

Current research

Noortje is currently enrolled in two projects. Her PhD research revolves around support for teachers’ integration of technology in lesson planning. Based on the technological, pedagogical, content knowledge (TPACK) framework different types of support were developed and compared on usefulness and effectiveness. Promotor: Ard Lazonder.

Since October 2015 she is involved in the NWO project ‘TALENTdevelopment’ together with Ard Lazonder, Amber Walraven, and Hannie Gijlers. This research will be carried out at the primary school ‘Het Talent’, and investigates both pupils’ and teachers’ engagement in 21st century education. Pupils are monitored for three years to capture their development of collaboration, critical thinking and digital literacy skills, and teachers receive training on research skills so that they can innovate their own classroom practices.

Research interests

  • Technology integration
  • Professional development
  • Practitioner research