Karel Kroeze, MSc.

phd student

Cubicus B221

Karel Kroeze (Noordwijkerhout, 1985) studied Methodology and Statistics for the Behavioural, Biomedical and Social Sciences at Utrecht University. As part of his master’s thesis on the use of the Shadow Testing procedure in multidimensional polytomous computerized adaptive tests, he created two R packages, ShadowCAT (Multidimensional Computerized Adaptive Testing with the Shadow Testing algorithm, [GitHub]) and MultiGHQuad (adaptive multidimensional Gauss-Hermite quadrature [GitHub, CRAN]). Karel graduated (Cum Laude) in 2015, and spent the next year as a researcher for the University of Twente’s Research methods, Measurement and Data Analysis (OMD) department, where he helped implement the ShadowCAT package in a number of national and international projects.

Karel is currently a PhD candidate affilitiated with the departments of Instructional Technology (IST) and OMD, where he does research into creating and evaluating adaptive inquiry based learning environments.


  • Young Statisticians

Research interests

  • Inquiry learning
  • digital learning environments
  • computerized adaptive testing

Selected publications

  • Karel A. Kroeze, Cees A. W. Glas, & Bernard P. Veldkamp (2016). Constrained multidimensional computerized adaptive testing with polytomously scored items, submitted for publication.