Dr. Joep van der Graaf


Cubicus B225

Joep van der Graaf (1986) finished his bachelor’s degree in Cognitive Psychology and his master’s degree in Neuroscience & Cognition, both at the University Utrecht. He then did a PhD at the Behavioural Science Institute at the Radboud University. The topic was scientific thinking in kindergarten. Currently, he is a post-doc at the Radboud University, studying scientific thinking in Grade 4 children. In addition, he is involved in two projects at the University of Twente. Both projects use the digital learning spaces for inquiry learning. The aim of one project is to develop inquiry learning spaces for elementary school children. The other project aims to investigate the role of text processing in knowledge acquisition through inquiry learning. Secondary school children participate in this project.

Research interests

  • Scientific thinking
  • Inquiry learning
  • Serious games
  • Experimental psychology
  • Learning, instruction, and development

selected publications

Research articles

  • Van der Graaf, J. (2017). Scientific thinking in kindergarten. Doctoral dissertation. Nijmegen, The Netherlands: Radboud University.
  • Van der Graaf, J., Segers, E., & Verhoeven, L. (2016). Discovering the laws of physics with a serious game. Computers & Education, 101, 168-178. Doi: 10.1016/j.compedu.2016.06.006
  • Van der Graaf, J., Segers, E., & Verhoeven, L. (2016). Cognitive factors in scientific reasoning: Experimentation and evidence evaluation. Learning and Individual Differences, 49, 190-200. Doi: 10.1016/j.lindif.2016.06.006
  • Van der Graaf, J., Segers, E., & Verhoeven, L. (2015). Scientific reasoning abilities in kindergarten: Dynamic assessment of the control of variables strategy. Instructional Science, 43, 381-400. Doi: 10.1007/s11251-015-9344-y

 Applied publications

  • Van de Sande, E., Van der Graaf, J., Segers, E., & Bruggink, M. (2016). Executieve functies voor het onderzoekend leren. Hoofdstuk in “Taal in de context van W&T”.
  • Van der Graaf, J., Teunissen, C., Goedhart, J., & Segers, E. (2015). Onderzoekend leren bij kleuters: Laat kleuters erop los experimenteren. De Wereld van het Jonge Kind, 43, 22-25.
  • Segers, E., Van der Graaf, J., Kleemans, T., & Verhoeven, L (2015). Leren Experimenteren doe je zo. Didactief Special, 45, 8-9.