Technology for learning and teaching

TEACHER: Lars Bollen

This theme focusses on aspects of technology, be it software or hardware, in learning and teaching. In the area of computer-supported learning, technological developments have always been a driving factor. But it has to be carefully investigated which technology, in which contexts, and for which target groups, benefits educational settings. Based on this general question, this theme may address topics like: computational/visual modelling, mobile and web-based learning, (inter)action analysis, learning analytics and so on. These may be investigated by looking at aspects of usability, perceived usefulness, ease-of-use, knowledge gain, and appropriateness for age groups. Research questions could be, but are not limited to:

  • In which settings and scenarios can mobile phones (or other wearable devices) be applied in formal or informal education?
  • How can web-based portals support learning and teaching? Which features are beneficial to create social and content awareness?
  • How can insights gained from (inter)action analysis and learning analytics techniques be used to improve computer-supported learning and teaching?
  • How can software automatically adapted itself to adjust towards context, learner’s level of knowledge/expertise, or past learning trajectories?