Virtual reality training

TEACHER: Lars Bollen

Virtual Reality (VR) applications are on the rise in many areas, including vocational education and corporate training. Immersion into VR can help create learning environments that are more enjoyable, cost- and time-efficient, while preserving the required success of training. However, being a rather new technology, there are still many aspects to be investigated.

We offer this research theme in cooperation with the company “Serious VR” in Enschede, who are developing client-specific VR environments to train machine operators in large factories. An example of one of their VR applications can be found on the company’s website,

Possible topics for Bachelor and Master theses include:

  • How can the impact of virtual reality training in various aspects (e.g. learning gain, motivation, acceptance of technology) be measured and compared to its real-life equivalent?
  • How do design features of a virtual reality environment (e.g. degree of realism, visualization of an avatar, differences between controllers) influence the above-mentioned aspects?