Embodied play to enhance learning

TEACHER: alieke van dijk
in cooperation with robby van delden (ewi - hmi)


Learning by playing. How to better engage young children in their learning process? Technological developments have created possibilities to combine playing, physical movements, and learning. Learning environments and tools that allow children to play and learn in an embodied, technical play environment are up and coming. However, do these advancements lead to learning? And do they work equally well for children with different characteristics?


Within this project, you will explore the effects of embodied play (like knowledge gain, motivation). You will work together with the department of EWI and with a company (ActiveFloor) that develops embodied learning environments, to design, implement, and/or test these environments.


  • Klaassen, R., van Delden, R., Vandernagel, J., van der Kamp, M., Thio, B., & Heylen, D. (2019). In body experiences: Persuasion by doing. CEAU Workshop Proceedings.
  • Active Floor
  • Springlab