Can I learn from giving feedback to you? - BA

TEACHER: Natasha dmoshinskaia & hannie gijlers


Peer assessment is often seen as a replacement of teacher’s assessment when it is not available. There are many studies exploring how good student’s assessment can be and how close it can get to the expert one. This is done because usually leaning is attributed to the fact of improving performance or a product based on the received feedback. However, the process of peer assessment consists of two parts – giving feedback and receiving feedback and there are several studies showing that students can also learn from giving feedback and maybe even more than from receiving it (e.g. Li, Liu & Steckelberg, 2010).

Considering giving feedback a learning activity means that it can be used even if the quality of produced feedback is lower than an expert’s one because it will still be beneficial for a feedback provider. Therefore, it is important to investigate which characteristics of a giving feedback process lead to the highest learning gains of a feedback provider.

This project aims at comparing learning gains of several groups of secondary school students who give feedback in a different way. 


This is an experimental study. You will start with some literature review to familiarize yourself with the topic. The subject domain for the experiment will be chosen in cooperation with a school. You will use or slightly adapt a developed lesson in the online learning environment that includes a giving feedback task. The experiment will be implemented at a regular lesson for secondary school students. After the lesson, we will use collected data for statistical analysis to find out if one way of giving feedback leads to higher post-test scores than the other.


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