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2017 Educational Symposium

developing, evaluating, and implementing point-of-care tests in health care practice.

Organized by: ISPOR student chapter University of Twente.
Date: October 12th, 13.00-17.30

Healthcare technologies are continuously being developed with the aim to improve our healthcare system. Some of these technologies are developed because of challenges within the care pathway, others have a more commercial intent. The development process that each of these technologies has to go through consists of several steps. During this process, collaboration from multiple disciplines is crucial in order to bring new and promising technologies to the market and to enhance their rapid and efficient implementation in usual care. These different disciplines and their accompanying expertise is also represented in the different education programs that are offered by the University of Twente. These study programs are: Health Sciences, Biomedical Engineering, Technical Medicine, and Industrial Engineering and Management. However, the subdivision of the different roles within this technology development process, among the disciplines involved, is often difficult to distinguish for students. Therefore, the ISPOR University of Twente Student Chapter has organized their first activity: a symposium entitled “Developing, Evaluating, and Implementing Healthcare Interventions”. The aim of this symposium was to address the link between the methods taught within the different educational programs and the real world practices within the technology development process.

A short overview of the speakers and topics:



prof. dr. Maarten IJzerman and prof. dr. Ron Kusters, University of Twente

Introduction to the concept of point-of-care tests and the development of healthcare interventions.

Dr. Olaf Such, Head of Research and Development, Handheld Diagnostics, Philips

Development of point-of-care tests.

Rebecca Albrow, Senior Technical Adviser, Diagnostics Assessment Programme, National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (UK)

Evaluation of point-of-care tests.

Prof. dr. Patrick Bossuyt, Professor of Clinical Epidemiology, University of Amsterdam

Implementation of point-of-care tests.

Roundtable discussion with all speakers


Several highly qualified speakers were very enthusiastic to speak at this symposium at the University of Twente. In order to highlight the different steps and disciplines involved in the technology development process, the development of point-of-care tests was used as an example. The symposium was opened by professor Dr. Ron Kusters and professor Dr. Maarten IJzerman from the University of Twente, who introduced the concept of point-of-care testing and provided a general overview of the development process of technologies. Following, Dr. Olaf Such (head of the department for development of point-of-care tests at Philips) continued with a case study on the development of a point-of-care test for ruling out acute coronary syndrome in primary care. Subsequently, Rebecca Albrow from NICE explained how technologies are evaluated according to the guidelines of NICE and illustrated this using multiple case studies. Lastly, professor Patrick Bossuyt (University of Amsterdam) explained difficulties in the process of selling and accepting new healthcare interventions in clinical practice. During each of these highly interesting presentations, specific job positions were highlighted in which each of the different educational backgrounds is desirable.