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Olivier van Noort starts working on his PhD thesis on “populatiegebonden bekostiging”

As part of a larger project on Zorginkoop Olivier van Noort will start working on his PhD thesis as of September 1, 2012.

The Zorginkoop project is a joint project between EUR (RSM and IBMG) and UT (Purchasing and Health Care) that is financially supported by NEVI Research Stichting. Olivier works at Menzis where he is contract manager long-term care: he will spend an average of 2 days a week on his PhD thesis under supervision of Fredo Schotanus and Jan Telgen. He will be at UT mostly on Tuesdays.

The topic of his thesis ‚ÄúPopulatiegebonden bekostiging‚ÄĚ focuses on the possibilities of lump sum financing of long term care. This means a care provider is paid a lump sum to provide care to a specific population (a city, a neighbourhood) irrespective of their current conditions and irrespective of the care to be delivered. This implies a clear incentive to provide care as efficiently as possible (which is desirable), but may also lead to providing only minimal care (which is not necessarily desirable) or even denying access to care (which is clearly undesirable). The research will focus on contractual relations that achieve the desirable results while at the same time preventing the undesirable results.