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Optimize the Single Ingredients production network at FrieslandCampina

Operating Company:

All 21,000 employees at FrieslandCampina share a single passion: getting more out of milk and aim to help people move forward in life. With our brands - over 30 - we reach millions of people in more than 100 countries. FrieslandCampina consists of a number of business groups and operating companies with offices all around the world. The head office is located at Amersfoort, the Netherlands.

For the S&OP Hub Single Ingredients, part of the Business Group Ingredients, we are looking for an academic project support for an important project on the implementation of an advanced planning system.


The project will focus on the integration of current S&OP planning tools (Excel based) into one advanced planning tool (OMP planning software) and has the following objectives:

  1. to create one aligned, reliable and accurate production plan for the Single Ingredients network, which optimizes the financial contribution of SI to the RFC result, given the whey and raw material supply, market demand and key processing capacities for the coming 18 months. This plan is plant and resource specific;
  2. to increase capacity utilization and reduce sales of liquid whey (automated load levelling);
  3. to shorten lead time of the planning cycle and create structural alignment of raw-material flows between plants;
  4. to enable scenario based analysis on the impact of changes in supply, demand, capacities and financial figures on a 18 months horizon;
  5. to create value by making better planning decisions across plants by explicit calculation of valorization value of end products per unit of processed whey (Gartner Level 3);
  6. to offer transparency and create recognition across plants and with Finance BGI on the (financial) outcomes of plans and scenarios;

The project needs to bring the S&OP plans of the Hub Single Ingredients to a higher level and is expected to have a significant contribution to the financial results of Business Group Ingredients and so FrieslandCampina.


For this project we are looking for an academic project support to help implementing the planning model within the advanced planning tool OMP. The model will optimize the Single Ingredients production network, based on financial contribution, considering variables as material supply (cheese whey), market demand, production capacities and parameters and financial figures (margins, tranches) into account.

The project support will be part of the project team and will focus on designing a method to improve reporting on whey valorization (topics 5 and 6 from project objectives). Importance is high, since network planning is complex within SI and guidance from a valorization perspective is required for the business to understand and gain confidence in proposed planning solutions.


  • Academic level; preferably in Econometrics, Industrial Engineering and/or Supply Chain Management
  • Analytical; knowledge of Operations Research (OR), Advanced Planning Systems
  • Available for 3-6 months period; at least 3-4 days available for project support, max. 1-2 days to work on (graduation/academic) assignment 
  • Proposed start: medio February 2017
  • Stationed in Amersfoort, possibility to visit SI production locations in NL

More info: contact Joost Veldwijk,