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2018-08 MSc assignment on Offshore Wind Farm Operations & Maintenance Modelling at ECN

ECN part of TNO Project Internship: Offshore Wind Farm Operations & Maintenance Modelling


ECN part of TNO has worked on many topics in offshore wind farm research since the 1970s.  In Operations & Maintenance, we focus on using accurate computer simulations of offshore operations to help improve decision making across the industry and at all timescales.

In 2018 the European Union funded the “ReaLCoE” project, lead by the offshore wind turbine manufacturer Senvion, with the aim of designing, building and testing a 10MW+ wind turbine to deliver on zero subsidy offshore wind farms. ECN part of TNO has a major role in the project, in particular to investigate the impact on Operations & Maintenance (“O&M”) on design choices made by Senvion and other partners, in order to deliver lowest lifetime cost of energy. 

There is an urgent need for an enthusiastic student to join TNO for a period of 3+ months, to assist with O&M modelling and help guide the design team at Senvion to focus on the most promising areas of cost of energy reduction.

Project Goals

The student will work directly with experienced ECN part of TNO consultants to perform the following work:

  1. O&M modelling of an existing wind farm using Senvion’s 6MW turbine using ECN’s O&M Calculator software tool. 
  2. Investigation of how closely the modelling aligns with the reality of the wind farm operations and performance.
  3. Setting up and running realistic O&M modelling of the same wind farm with a 12MW turbine.
  4. Investigation of sensitivities in inputs (e.g. failure rates of different turbine components) in order to identify key areas where Senvion should focus on to deliver lowest possible cost of energy.

The student will be encouraged to interact with Senvion employees and other ReaLCoE consortium partners as necessary, in order to understand the input data, the real world of offshore wind farm O&M, and the uses of the outputs. Mentoring will also be provided by ECN part of TNO colleagues.

If the student performs well, there is the opportunity to work on similar topics at ECN part of TNO for their Masters thesis.


The student will contribute to a detailed technical report and present internally to the department on their work.

If you are interested in the assignment, please contact Engin Topan via email