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Master assignment at Pon Power: “Achieving Condition Based Maintenance through predictive analytics at Pon Power”

A maintenance improvement project in the Maritime sector

Pon Power

Pon Power BV has been the official dealer for Caterpillar engines and power systems in the Netherlands since 1927. This long-standing relationship has resulted in close ties between Pon Power and the Caterpillar organization. Thanks to this intensive contact, Pon Power’s specialists are able to constantly keep abreast of the latest technical developments. Inline afbeelding 2

Pon Power aims to enable their professional customers to ensure the continuity and profitability of their business. Pon Power is able to do this by developing, supplying and maintaining Caterpillar Power Systems. They guarantee optimum system availability, resulting in the lowest possible total cost during its life cycle. 

Master assignment

Pon Power installs advanced telemetry systems on their diesel propulsion engines. This allows for continued online monitoring of parameters such as engine speed, temperature, revs, etc. Figure 2 shows an example of various sensor data that is being monitored. By doing so, Pon Power has taken a first step towards condition based maintenance. The next step is to interpret the gathered data and find possible patterns that can predict engine or component failures. This way, Pon Power is able to determine the root causes for failures and conduct condition based maintenance on their diesel engines. Inline afbeelding 3

Possible questions that Pon Power would like to see answered through predictive analytics:

  • What changes in parameters take place prior to engine or component failures?
  • How can engine or component failures be predicted based on the online parameter data?
  • What are the critical parameter thresholds for conducting condition based maintenance?

Point of contact

Pon Power: Joost Schapendonk,, 078 – 642 0420
Gordian Logistic Experts: Ingrid Reijnen,, 030 – 686 6980
University of Twente: dr. Chintan Amrit (, dr. Matthieu van der Heijden (, prof. dr. Henk Zijm (

Student profile

  • Enthusiastic MSc student Business information Systems, or Industrial Engineering and Management with knowledge of data analytics and maintenance, or Mechanical Engineering knowledge of data analytics and maintenance, with a strong drive to learn about maintenance services in the maritime sector
  • Excellent social and communicative skills to interact with the company and its customers.

Context of the assignment

This master assignment is part of the Integrated Maintenance and Service Logistics Concepts for Maritime Assets (MaSelMa) project. For information on this project can be found on the website:

Home base

The home base of this assignment will be Pon Power, Papendrecht.