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Simulation of relative scoring

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Simulation of relative scoring

It is well known that relative scoring in tendering procedures may lead to rank reversal. But it does not necessarily lead to rank reversal depending on the specific bids submitted.

In 2014 Wouter Merckel did a BSc thesis to check some real life tendering procedures with relative scoring of some criteria for the occurrence of rank reversal. This was a limited study for two reasons:

  • Limited number of tenders
  • Many of the tenders involved only had a small numbers of bidders

Extending this study is needed to be able to properly appraise the likelihood of rank reversal with relative scoring. We envisage this extension in two directions:

  • More real life tenders to be evaluated. Assistance has been offered by Negometrix, a firm specializing in electronic support of tendering procedures, to get access to their data on a large number of tenders.
  • Simulation of tendering procedures and bids to be able to identify the effects of a.o.
    • The number of bids coming in
    • The type of relative scoring used
    • The number of relatively scored criteria
    • Etc.


  • Prof. dr. Jan Telgen
  • Dr. ir. Martijn Mes