Thesis assignment for IEM

Master level

Good quantitative skills required

Price to win modeling

This is an internal assignment at Jacobs Douwe Egberts (JDE)

JDE is participating in various tenders; they have to submit bids to win the  business to provide warm drinks to the tendering company.

If they win they are questioning themselves: how much more could we have asked and still win the business? This represent lost margin they could have earned.

This lost margin could be used to provide better bids for the tenders they lost, thus making these more competitive.

In the end this boils down to winning more business and higher earnings.  A very nice story.

But now the challenge is to make this into a workable model. That would probably require good estimates of the bids of our competitors both on price and on quality. Also a thorough analysis of the award mechanisms used by the tendering companies is required to be able to build such a model

JDE have decided to try to develop such a model from a greenfield approach and want you to participate in their team.

Information: Prof. Dr. Jan Telgen,