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Intrakoop in a triadic relation

Thesis assignment IBA, IEM and Health Care Management

Master thesis

Intrakoop in a triadic relation

Intrakoop is the largest cooperative buying organization,  consisting of health care (mainly care, less cure) organisations.

They make contracts with suppliers, but it is not Intrakoop but their member organisations that use the goods and services bought through the contract.

Due to the very nature of Intrakoop, they operate in a triad. There is an emerging literature on triads, but all of that deals with rather independent parties. In the Intrakoop case the actual users of the service are the members of Intrakoop. This implies there is a strong relation between Intrakoop and the users of the contracts.

In this thesis we would like to:

  • extend/adapt the existing theory to this special situation
  • develop the best way for Intrakoop to handle this special situation

Supervisors: Prof. dr. Jan Telgen and dr. ir. Fredo Schotanus

Key literature:

§  Lee and Choi, Triads in Service outsourcing, Journal of Supply Chain Management, 2009, pp. 27-39