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Circle – Conditional purchasing

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Circle – Conditional purchasing

In purchasing products or services in different lots it may be relevant to impose conditions on the winners of the various lots. This is called conditional purchasing, and there is quite some literature and even commercial software for such approaches.

Examples of conditions from the viewpoint of the buying organization may be:

  • Not too many different winners
  • No winner wins too much lots
  • These lots should not end up with the same  winner
  • Etc.

Examples of conditions from the point of view of the supplier:

  • Bidding on more lots than can be supplied
  • Better prices if they win two neighboring lots
  • Only willing to supply if they win at least X lots
  • Quantity discounts
  • Etc.

 Assignment 1: Not all of these conditions can be taken care of easily. Here we want to categorize all possible conditions in classes from easy to handle for the buyer to very hard to handle – quantitative skills required

 Assignment 2: analyze the practical situation in public procurement with respect to this technique in various EU countries


·         Prof. dr. Jan Telgen