Henk Broekhuizen
PhD Student

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Henk Broekhuizen graduated as Bachelor of Science in Technical Medicine in 2011 with a group thesis on the market potential of a new SPECT device for cardial blood flow assessment. In 2012 he graduated from the master Health Sciences (cum laude) with a thesis on quantitative benefit-risk assessments. In his thesis he developed a probabilistic MCDA model that integrates patient preferences and clinical trial data. Since graduating, Henk has started work on a PhD project that follows from his master thesis at the department Health Technology and Services Research at the University of Twente.


There is increasing pressure on decision makers to increase transparency in (pharmaceutical) benefit-risk assessments. Furthermore, there is growing interest in using patient preferences in such assessments. Quantitative benefit-risk assessment models may help regulators with this. Henk's research will focus on the possibility of using quantitative models in benefit-risk assessments and on the development of these models.


2011-2012 Master of Science in Health Sciences (Health Services and Management track), thesis titled "Integrating Patient Preferences and Clinical Trial Data in an MCDA Model for Quantitative Benefit-risk Assessment"

2006-2011: Bachelor of Science in Technical Medicine, group thesis titled "consequences of IQ-SPECT"

Work Experience

PhD student, Health Technology and Services Research, University of Twente